Revium's History

Digital Transformation is in our DNA.

Born in Melbourne in 2008, Revium was a response to the emergence of organisational digital transformations that required the rigour of a holistic approach from a single, full-service IT and Web consultancy, rather than the engagement of separate firms to deliver on individual pieces of the puzzle.

Revium was created at the merger of two credentialed firms, EPS who after 11 years had made a name for themselves as a market-leader in high quality web design, and McRae IT, well regarded for developing robust business critical IT applications and software.

Since its inception, Revium has been an ongoing metamorphosis, seeing the expansion of its offering into digital marketing services, data and analytics, and Customer Experience design.

From 2016, again our passion for technology and the future lead the team at Revium to further expand its services by offering clients digital marketing services, a team of customer experience experts and a data and analytics team.

In 2019 a minority equity stake was taken by William Buck, a 125-year accounting and business advisory firm. The partnership with William Buck allows our clients to benefit from a wider range of professionals who can add value in project governance and risk management, as well as offering a further layer of strategic management to Revium.

Today, Revium is a business of 45+ professionals with offices in Melbourne and Brisbane, servicing clients across Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Having successfully positioned itself as a truly credible alternative to the tier one consulting firms, Revium offer;