Revium is a Workato Partner: The Leaders in Enterprise Workflow Automation

Seamlessly integrate cloud apps, databases, legacy systems, and files without the expected complexity, by using Workato

Workato is the leading cloud-based platform for integration and workflow automation that’s designed to be used by businesses of any size – and Revium is a proud to be a Workato Certified Silver Partner.

Focused on simplicity, Workato has a low-code/no-code approach that allows both business and IT teams to easily transfer cloud applications, databases, legacy systems, file servers and more from one system to another without all the complexity. This results in faster integration than ever before with no compromise on security or governance.

Workato’s Key Features

Workato lets you to connect to thousands of apps, deploy instantly and there’s minimal or no coding required! Here are the key features of Workato:

  • Next-Gen iPaaS:
    Integrate data, systems and files at a rate that’s five times faster than typical integration alternatives with Workato’s prebuilt functionality and state-of-the-art platform. This includes connectors to over 1,000 SaaS platforms, 500,000 ready-to-use recipes, on-premises databases and data storage, ERP and more.

  • Modern RPA (Robotic Process Automation):
    Workato’s RPA leverages the latest and best technology to allow reliable and robust interactions between APIs and modern systems, parsers for leveraging data and information, and the ability to access dark data with screen-scraping technologies. RPA’s often lack stability and have significant operational requirements, which is overcome by Workato’s modern and maintained RPA.

  • Enterprise Flow Automation:
    Workato’s workflow automation allows you to introduce and experience true business automation by incorporating system actions and business events. Unlike other platforms that only focus on basic and simple data movement, Workato can integrate and automate complete business processes, rather than just automating certain tasks.

  • Smart Data Pipelines (ETL/ELT):

    Easily load data with speed by integrating with any source, whether it be cloud apps, on-prem databases, data streams, files, APIs, ERMs or ingesting data into data warehouse, including Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift and more. Workato removes the complexity of planning, connecting, managing and maintaining APIs, infrastructure and schema to reduce time and help deliver better business outcomes.

  • Low Code API Management:

    Workato has powerful, enterprise-grade API platform capabilities that let you build more, work faster and have an increased level of control from the ability to manage the complete API lifecycle with both internal and external partners.

  • Enterprise Chat Bots

    Improve UX and interact with employees with enterprise chat bots. Workato’s built-in functionality enables non-technical staff to create chat bots with a drag-and-drop editor. Build personalised, custom chat bots for Slack and Microsoft teams, and create apps with any combination of cloud services, on-premises systems, ERPs and so on that your team can easily interact with.

  • Single Client View

    See all your customer data that’s been collected across disparate systems to create unified records of clients and prospects. Creating a single client view lets you quickly access and view more data while increasing consistency and simplifying reporting across different departments.

Key Solutions:

  • HR Automation

    Reduce the time that your HR team needs to spend combing through applications and chatting with candidates by implementing Recruitment Automation and Referral Bots.

  • Sales & Customer Support Automation

    Have a complete view of your customer and their end-to-end journey, then personalise your pitch and stay on top of all the different touch points as prospects make their way through each step.

  • Marketing Automation

    Connect ERP systems and Project Management tools to strategically plan, invest and measure your marketing efforts, which is typically an unnecessarily tedious and time-consuming task.

  • Finance Automation

    End-to-end revenue process automation to reduce time and effort on product configuration, contracts, invoicing, orders and other critical business processes. Save time, reduce risk and improve accuracy by automating parts of your CPQ and Quote-to-Cash processes.

  • IT Automation

    Connect information from multiple systems to detect problems fast or even before they happen with Workato’s automatic issue detection and rapid response solutions.

Revium are Workato Partners

Revium is an accredited Workato Silver Partner, with a team of certified Workato experts, allowing us to offer the best possible integration platform as a service [iPaaS] solutions to our customers.

Workato is widely regarded as the most credible, reliable and secure integration and workflow platform that exists. If you combine that with Revium’s expertise as a premium full-service digital agency with a focus on development, data, digital transformation, CX and digital marketing, you have a formidable combination that can deliver outstanding digital solutions for client’s across Australia and the region.