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Revium's Premium Enterprise-Level Content Management System.

As a Sitecore partner, we offer the many Sitecore benefits for medium to large scale enterprise content management solutions, including the all-in-one content management, automated marketing, e-commerce and scalability features.

Sitecore CMS

At Revium, we pride ourselves on being able to meet any client need head on. Given our vast Content Management System (CMS) experience, we have the ability to tailor a solution to project requirements of any scale. Being a Sitecore partner, we consider Sitecore our flagship offering and CMS of choice for larger, enterprise level solutions. Sitecore features and benefits include a combination of CMS, E-Commerce, Personalisation and social media integration coupled with a robust API and scalable architecture. Sitecore is a true end-to-end business solution and our preferred choice for enterprises with high volume data and traffic.

What does Sitecore mean for our clients?

Sitecore offers three main advantages for our clients:

  1. The ability to gain control over their site and manage content and related workflows with ease

  2. An all-in-one integrated solution which handles content delivery, social media integration, e-commerce and marketing automation

  3. The consequent cost savings

Sitecore includes a rich and intuitive management interface allowing our clients to easily manage their precious content - reducing external development costs and allowing them to take the reins of their site easily and confidently. The powerful work-flow functionality and user security model allows for easy implementation of workflow configurations ranging from the very basic to the most complex. Marketing automation provides easy and direct content delivery to specific target groups, with intuitive reporting features for all levels of campaign management. Put simply, we give clients the ability to easily and efficiently manage their content, saving time and money, whilst keeping the site working effectively.

Why is Sitecore our enterprise-level CMS platform of choice?

Our Developers at Revium love nothing more than to push a system to its limits, to push the boundaries of what is thought possible. We love turning a client’s seemingly impossible idea or concept into reality and Sitecore enables us to do that. The extensive and robust API that Sitecore provides allows us to create custom small-scale to large-scale functionality and hinge off the API, thus creating seamless custom integration development. Sitecore is more than a CMS - it is a development framework. The scalability and multi-database separation, including advanced site deployment mechanisms, allows for solutions ranging from low-traffic single-server through to complex high-traffic multi-server. However without great support, great architecture is only one part of the overall picture. Where Sitecore really shines is in the areas of:

  • Training from online sessions to classroom-based developer certification programs

  • Extensive online knowledge base documentation

  • A large range of modules readily available from the Marketplace

  • One of the friendliest, and most helpful, professional developer communities

Combined, Sitecore provides one of the most scalable, robust and end-user friendly CMS systems available today.