Revium is a certified Recombee Partner

Sophisticated AI-powered recommendation engine.

Reach the next level of personalisation with Recombee. Real-time Product, Content and Search recommendations using powerful AI technology that constantly self-optimises.

Revium is proud to be a Recombee certified technology partner. Giving businesses the opportunity to leverage cutting-edge AI to drive better results for marketers and give customers the best user-experience – across websites, marketing campaigns, emails and more.  

How Does it Work?

Improving user experience is the ultimate goal to ensure users return to websites, visit sites for longer, boost conversion rates and generate engagement. Recombee provides tailored recommendations that are powered by 100+ machine learning algorithms. Working from the first click, each user (including anonymous users) receives personalised content, product, or search recommendations that update in real-time as they browse the site.

These intuitive real-time recommendations are applicable to a variety of high traffic domains; from VOD OTT platforms, media, real estate, E-commerce, and job portals to sites or apps that provide a large catalogue of content or products. The recommendations can be applied across the homepage, detail page, emailing campaigns, cart, or notifications.

The key features of Recombee include:

  • A robust user-interface, allowing you to check key performance indicators and analytics at any time

  • Real-time response which adapts to immediate trends that improves content personalisation and user conversion rate

  • Scalable on any platform, capable of delivering more than 10,000 recommendations per second

  • Customise Recombee to suit your business, using highly innovative filtering and boostering

  • Easy to integrate with any domain

Data Privacy

Recombee values the privacy and security of your customers so you can be sure that your data is always secure. Recombee uses secure API connections and first-party cookies, and can analyse the behaviour of anonymous users using AI to personalise their experience.

What Can Recombee Do For You?

Recombee can help your users find what they are looking for faster. Organising content in accordance with each user's likes and preferences has led to a 40% increase in conversion and click-through rate for businesses using Recombee.

Recombee has a proven track record in:

  • Improving user experience

  • Saving time for editors and marketers

  • Increasing customer lifetime value and customer loyalty

  • Reducing user churn

Learn how Revium leverages Recombee AI to drive content recommendations throughout our own website.

Recombee Partner

Revium has a team of experts who can help businesses implement Recombee across their websites and campaigns. If you would like to discuss how the Recombee AI Recommender can help your organisation, contact us today.