Cognigy AI

Revium is a certified Cognigy Conversational AI Partner.

There is a growing cohort across a range of age and demographic variables that are not only comfortable with interacting with Chatbots – they actually prefer it.

A survey of almost 2500 respondents in 2019* showed that;

  • 83% of people would make messaging their primary means of contacting customer support if guaranteed an immediate response

  • 30% of respondents reported that they would knowingly engage with a customer support chatbot because “chatbots are very helpful.” – a doubling from the previous year

  • 25% of consumers prefer using a chatbot to contact customer support for complicated issues

Whilst for some may have been perceived chatbots as a fad, the reality of advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have enabled chatbots to come into their own and present a viable solution to managing complex personalized customer experiences at scale.

Conversational AI presents an opportunity for businesses to free up internal support teams so they are able to quickly respond to, and address, complex customer needs that would often otherwise lead to negative reviews and feedback whilst more run of the mill interactions are handled seamlessly by an AI chatbot.

Revium chose Cognigy as its preferred conversational AI partner as they are clearly a leader in their field with a number of significant advantages over some of their competitors;

  • Omni-channel integration

    • A single bot can be used across your website, FB Messenger, Alexa, Google and also phone support using VTT

    • Ability to seamlessly continue conversations across different channels

  • Technology sophistication and practical applicability – not claims of AI functionality for the sake of it

  • Ease of adoption and management – allow Conversational CX and Bot Trainers to interact directly with the system without Developer involvement avoiding additional complexity and overheads

  • GUI for conversation editors

  • Advanced AI intent recognition and self-learning capability

  • Third party OOTB integrations with CRMs, ERPs, Twilio, etc.

  • Focus on privacy and security with GDPR compliance baked in

  • Scalable enterprise solutions that can handle large volumes

  • Sophisticated data and analytics capability

  • Mature API that enables easy integration into third party systems (push/pull)

  • OOTB live agent hand off capability

  • Ability to customize code to individual use cases

  • Ability to manage other conversational AI platforms through its GUI

  • Offices and staff in Australia for both account and technical support

  • Multi-lingual support

  • Named in Gartner’s Cool Vendors quadrant for Conversational AI

Revium has been working with Cognigy since 2017 and was one of Australia’s first fullyaccredited agency partners, with experienced onshore staff that are certified in both consultation and implementation. This capability is complemented by our in house CX team who are focused on the digital experience and are well versed in designing world class customer experiences that leverage the strengths of each individual channel.

To discuss the potential application for your business please feel free to reach out to our team today.