Acoustic Marketing Cloud

Content & campaign management technology reimagined.

Acoustic is an enterprise-level experience platform, comprising a suite of marketing technology which aims to connect all aspects of your marketing strategy in one place.

Acoustic takes a modularised distributed services approach to its offerings with six distinct areas – Digital Experience Management, Marketing Automation, Digital Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Mobile Marketing & Personalisation. These modules can either be utilised in isolation or combined together into a single integrated solution. 

Digital Experience Management  

Acoustic Content is a cloud-based, hybrid CMS and content marketing platform which leverages AI services to help marketers and front-end developers build engaging, multi-channel digital experiences with ease.

With built-in digital asset management (DAM) and site-building capabilities, Acoustic Content allows marketers and developers to collaborate by organising content in shared libraries while maintaining versioning and workflow capabilities.

Key features include:  

  • Powerful drag-and-drop editing tools  

  • Visual page editor 

  • Content approval and publishing workflow  

  • Host your own static assets on the built-in CDN 

  • Leverage single-page application technologies 

  • License assets directly from Shutterstock 

  • Use webhooks to connect and transfer data between applications 


Acoustic Analytics collates multi-channel analytics across the user journey, providing accurate and insightful data to inform business and investment decisions.  

Key features include: 

  • Understand buyer engagement at each journey stage 

  • AI-powered customer analytics to identify pain points and enhance engagement  

  • Mobile and desktop session replay for customer experience optimisation  

  • Easily exchange data across your organisation for a holistic 360-degree view of the customer. 

Digital Marketing 

Acoustic Campaign provides an all-in-one platform which enables marketers to utilise powerful data insights to create more effective campaigns. Leveraging behavioural data from your website,  Acoustic Campaign allows for omni-channel campaign management across Email Direct Marketing, SMS, Social Media and more. 

Key features include: 

  • Drag-and-drop campaign design functionality  

  • Powerful scoring models and lead management to guide qualified leads through the conversion funnel 

  • Audience segmentation and AI-powered content personalisation  

  • Interactive reporting dashboards 

  • Automation capability across campaign channels 

  • Performance management features including planning and budgeting. 

How Acoustic Stacks Up 

Acoustic is growing in popularity among enterprise-level organisations due to high ratings in overall user experience, ability to scale and the effectiveness of their campaign management tools.

Acoustic’s powerful segmentation capabilities, and ability to minimise marketing friction in real world scenarios due to their effective evaluation and customer reports, has led to positive feedback from Marketers in particular, as well as greater satisfaction from the developer community.

Acoustic Solution Partner 

As an Australian Acoustic Solution Partner, we are able to build solutions and services for our clients, utilising Acoustic’s well-rounded suite of technology to deliver on the promise of a scalable, integrated, enterprise level martech solution.

To learn more about how Revium can help your organisation harness Acoustic’s powerful content and campaign management tools, get it touch today.