Storyblok & Revium Promotion 2022

Let Revium promote the benefits of Storyblok, speak to prospects directly and generate qualified enterprise level leads!

Our Plan

The key to success for this campaign is giving something valuable away to prospects for free.

We hate the traditional ‘hard sell’ and prefer using education and testimonials to generate awareness and interest.

Revium has incredible real-life examples of how Storyblok has helped our clients and our own business – and we are enthusiastic about sharing these stories.

Not only that, we have certified Storyblok experts who can explain the benefits of a headless CMS and show how Storyblok can help clients re-vitalise and re-imagine their digital ecosystem.

We want to develop a series of three distinct videos that cover off the three of the key benefits we think Storyblok delivers...

The videos would be around 3 minutes long each and feature a combination of graphics, narration and talking heads.

Each topic is aimed at covering off the three core decision makers we confront in any new enterprise website sale - CFO, CMO, CIO.

Delivering Real ROI - CFO

How a headless CMS delivers ROI for enterprise businesses

Powerful Content Editing - CMO

How easy and agile content management can be with Storyblok

Integration Extensibility - CIO

How quick and easy it is to connect your headless CMS to other best in breed marketing tools

Driving Traffic

We would cut content from the videos into 5 second and 15 second teaser videos which would be promoted across various channels such as LinkedIn, Youtube PreRoll & Google Display to get people through to watch the full videos. We would also run a display campaign and native advertising to drive traffic to the videos.

Capturing Leads

At the end of each video, and on the page the video is displayed, we would have a call to action to book a "15 minute chat" with a local StoryBlok expert (using headshots of our staff who were in the video) to ask any questions or find out more information. This CTA would take the prospect to a Calendly page to book an upcoming time.

During these sessions, a Revium Storyblok expert will:

  • Answer any questions the prospect has about Storyblok and Headless CMS

  • Promote the benefits of Storyblok

  • Discuss their specific business requirements and objectives

We will also create a campaign to remarket to any prospects who viewed the videos but did not book a session.

If we are successful we would draw up a more detailed project plan and work with StoryBlok to bring the campaign to life for the start of November 2022