Implementing digital transformation and digital marketing relies on having the right people involved and having the right change management strategy in place. At Revium, we get the resourcing mix right early in our project life cycle to ensure alignment with your company’s processes and organisational chart.

Human Resources

While it goes without saying that technology is vital in the digital world, the right human resources allocation from vendor and client is equally as important. We consider human resources early on in our client engagements and constantly review and revisit our resourcing mix throughout the delivery phase to ensure that our approach is always right for our clients while they undergo organisational change.

Resourcing Mix & Project Teams

On any given project, the IT maturity and in-house skills of clients we work with will determine the personnel we provide.

When pulling together a project team we first consider the personnel our clients provide before selecting personnel of our own. This way we can clearly delineate the roles and responsibilities of each member of the project team as a whole.

Scheduling & Client Touch-Points

In complex IT and digital transformation project it’s critical to schedule resources and to provide clear timelines on when time and input is required from our clients.

Our Project Managers put together detailed project plans and manage expectations clearly. By letting our clients know when we need their input, we can ensure that the day-to-day work of their organisation won’t suffer while change is being implemented.

On-shore Versus Off-Shore

Revium employs only local, degree-qualified and appropriately certified IT professionals.

Experience has shown us that the complex nature of the projects we undertake require close working relationships between our business analysts, developers, account managers, project managers and user experience designers.

By using only on-shore resources we can react more quickly, work agile and have face-to-face discussions with our clients and colleagues whenever required - often unexpectedly as requirements change or challenges present.

While off-shore resources are generally cheaper in terms of their hourly/daily rates, the number of different skill-sets required to meet the complex technical challenges entailed in IT projects and the open dialogue and consultation required to deliver transformational change almost always mean you’re wasting time and taking on unnecessary risk by not using local professionals.

We know that the quality and timelines of our delivered solutions are vastly superior to our off-shoring competitors and we’re proud to stand by it.

On-site Secondments versus off-site

Most CIOs and IT Managers recognise they can never have the optimal mix of expertise to serve the needs of increasingly complex organisations.

This is why Revium offers clients access to our expert technical staff on a flexible basis, via on-site secondment.

Revium staff work with clients on-site to manage projects and provide support to in-house IT teams during busy times. With a wealth of in-house experience, our developers, designers and project management team can integrate into your business quickly and cost effectively.

Our staff seamlessly integrate into your existing teams and depart when they are no longer needed. The result is unparalleled support for business initiatives at a cost below the ‘total loaded cost’ of a full-time equivalent.

Change Management

Implementing a major digital transformation change to your organisation requires careful planning and communication with your staff, customers and other stakeholders.

The projects we deliver provide new systems – these systems require new processes as well as education on how to use them so you can properly grasp how they will impact your business.

Communicating and managing this change is a critical part of ensuring that transformation is realised. We will work with your internal project teams and provide as much change management support as required to ensure a smooth transition.


As outlined in our Project Management & Methodology pages we generally employ a waterfall methodology with elements of an agile approach also.

This means that usually there are detailed specifications outlining the functionality, business rules, processes, screen elements and data models for each area of the website or web application which we build. These specifications go a long way in ensuring new users of systems can quickly learn about their operation.

Business, functional and technical documentation also help to ensure that knowledge is easily transferred between the different people required to maintain and support the newly created systems. When a new production system is handed over to a client, Revium will create additional documentation to ensure the proper understanding of the system by all users.


Revium can conduct training using a combination of classroom, screen-sharing or train-the-trainer modes of delivery to ensure our clients can manage the roll-out of their new system. We can also create training specific manuals embedded directly into the applications we build.

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