Product Development

Revium will partner with you to turn your idea into an online business.

Revium transforms your businesses and ideas into online software.

We advise you on the best technology for building online businesses, guide you on what mix of web and app development is required to create a Minimum Viable Product and then put in place Digital Marketing strategies to drive and convert traffic into paying customers.

When you engage Revium to build your idea into online software, we bring the appropriate subject matter experts to the table from the outset.

Scoping & Discovery

Revium helps you take your idea and turn it into a fully-fledged business model. We conduct a thorough analysis of your concept, and determine the elements we need to build to bring it to market. We begin this process by conducting detailed workshops in order to develop a deep understanding of your business and build requirements. 

Minimum Viable Product

Often software developers talk about an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). This means defining the ‘minimum set of functionality’ that is required to release a version of your product to the market. It would not include all the features that may be in your overall vision, but enough for an initial market test or soft-launch.

Aiming for an MVP means requirements can be ‘ring-fenced’ and budgets can be set to achieve the minimum set of functionality requirements.

Breaking product development into a MVP allows for future enhancements to be added later. This also allows the market to be tested before effort and resources are focussed on features that the market may not actually want.

Technology Selection & Development

We always endeavour to choose a technology platform that will be the most effective route to market in terms of performance and Total Cost of Ownership. We study what technology and software architecture options will be appropriate to meet your long-term needs. For example, this could mean contrasting the benefits of open source platforms versus Microsoft .Net. Or, identifying existing Commercial Off The Shelf tools that could fast track development.
When appropriate, Revium provides a cost/benefit analysis of different technology options so you are fully informed of the long-term impact of technology decisions that are made early in a project lifecycle.
When the time arrives to engage our developers, you can be assured we build your business using only the best, certified and degree-qualified, locally-employed developers at Revium.

Design and User Experience

Our Design and User Experience experts have the capability to quickly devise and build wireframes, design concepts and interactive prototypes that demonstrate how your application will operate on different devices and browsers. We always set-out to build device responsive software, with one set of code and content used to display and provide a seamless user experience for all users, regardless of how they access your business.

Project Management & Methodology

When we begin working with you, we implement project management checks and balances to ensure you are fully informed of how development is tracking, and allow you to maintain control over your project’s deliverables, quality and costs. With transparent and detailed reporting, we ensure you are able to follow budgets, timelines, variations and overall progress. We maintain risk registers to manage and mitigate any factors that may affect the success or delivery of your business.


We often talk about the concept of 1-10-100 to help everyone understand the effort that goes into each stage of creating online businesses. It takes 1 unit of time or cost to come up with the idea and scope the idea into a prototype that can then be taken forward. It takes a further 10 units of that time or cost to then develop a working MVP that can be released to the public. The final stage of 100 units of time or cost is to further market, develop and enhance the business. So in theory, the overall impact Revium will have on your business is 11 units of what is a much larger pie. Whilst we can develop and build your business, the real work begins with running and marketing your business every day.

Digital Marketing Services

As a full service agency, we have a department solely focussed on driving traffic and converting visitors to customers. Using a data-driven approach we take ownership of making sure people can find your business.

Long before you are ready to release your MVP we will be working with you to design a go-to-market strategy. This will ensure your online business generates traffic, and from there we can deploy tactics to convert this traffic from anonymous to known visitors, and from known visitors to paying customers.