Simply Energy Sales Tracker

Simply Energy specialise in delivering energy solutions to a wide range of industries across Australia.  The Simply Energy Commercial and Industrial (C&I) sales team desired software to enable the efficient processing of C&I quotations and subsequent approval processes and tasks for a diverse set of prospects and customers.

Revium was engaged by Simply Energy to create the ‘Sales Tracker’, a flexible and robust web-based application to manage end to end the C&I energy sales process.

Goals and Challenges

The Sales Tracker application was required to calculate a range of complex algorithms in line with Simply Energy’s business process and systems.  These algorithms include a multitude of pricing variations, historical and forward calculations, workflow design, contract formats and pricing reporting to help their sales team effectively manage their sales processes.

The following goals and challenges were presented by Simply Energy’s various C&I teams.  They needed Sales Tracker to:

  • Adapt to Simply Energy’s approach to various C&I markets

  • Implement pricing that was easy to use for sales staff as dictated by pricing personnel

  • Distinct pricing methodology focusing less on base rate and more on complex calculations for additional premiums relevant to the specific market

  • Replicate existing documentation, such as offers and contracts, in an automated manner

  • Dual handling of SME business sales and C&I markets

  • Handle procedural workflows for seamless automation

  • Complex interactive price page detailing breakdown of costs

  • Allow multiple output formats


The use of Sales Tracker by Simply Energy has been a great success. It gives Simply Energy a distinct advantage in the marketplace via a dedicated online platform that seamlessly manages their sales process from the prospect stage, through to completed acquisition for the various teams and respective markets.