Client and Project Overview

The Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) is the peak body for real estate professionals in Victoria.  They provide representation to more than 5,000 individuals and 2,000 businesses state-wide.
Revium was engaged to build a user-friendly, customer-focused REIV member search functionality covering all real estate professionals and to reflect the REIV member base.  This would allow consumers to search for an appropriately qualified real estate agent or agency.


The REIV encourages consumers to use their alternative to commercial agent-finder websites to provide a tangible benefit of membership and help consumers make informed decisions.
Revium provided three (3) key search options based on sales data from the past 12 months to emphasise the objective nature of the REIV and encourage consumers to use an REIV member agent:

  • Simple search by service type

  • Validation of an agent’s REIV membership

  • Search for an agent with the most relevant experience.

REIV use member sales data, maintained by PropertyData, to provide the history of the member’s participation in the respective suburb and market.  The Victorian real estate community can rapidly assess the market for qualified/experienced REIV members.


The existing ‘Find an Agent’ and ‘Find an Agency’ pages were replaced with the new ‘Choose a Member’ page which facilitates the search for both agents and agencies in a single landing page.

Member information from the REIV CRM was integrated to provide a list of relevant member agencies in the requested location. Using Property Data APIs, the market data for the selected location and all associated REIV members is displayed to allow consumers to find an agent that best suits their property selling needs based on location and agency performance.  Agency performance incorporated important measures such as recent sales information (date, location, value, method of sale) and market share.

REIV website is powered by the Kentico CMS.


The completed solution provides the REIV with:

  • Improved user experience and functionality for connecting with REIV members

  • Improved visibility of REIV members in the Victorian real estate market

The ability for REIV members to view and easily maintain their profiles by logging into the members’ area of the REIV website.

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