Mitsubishi Australia Limited's MAXtend Business Unit is an industry leader in the supply of a Controlled Atmosphere Service using electronic controller devices. This is an important function for the transport of certain types of perishable cargo in refrigerated containers around the world. MAXtend needed a web based facility to manage the distribution and allocation of electronic cargo management devices used in shipping containers throughout the world. The large amount of controller devices, and the management involved in running them was the major force behind MAXtend engaging Revium to help them uncover a more efficient online solution. 

Goals and Challenges:

Revium was commissioned to design and build a web based facility to aid MAXtend in tracking their devices and speed up the management involved in running them.
MAXtend's requirements included:

  • Provide facility that would be available worldwide via the internet
  • Track co2 and oxygen levels for each trip made 
  • Provide user friendly interface 
  • Provide a robust system that would be easy to use by a diverse group of users
  • Implement backup and redundancy procedures to assist with data recovery in the event of system failure

Solutions and Outcome  

Revium created a bespoke solution for MAXtend that provided them with a stable and secure platform to track their devices. The implementation of an online solution that was easily accessible cut down management time and increase efficiency. It is now the core facility for the management of these devices.

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