Jinding Developments Project Websites

Client Overview 

Jinding Developments is a prominent property developer, part of Jinding Australia — an integrated property company specialising in developments, real estate, investments, funds management and supporting services. Today, Jinding Developments has a development pipeline in excess of 4,000 lots, including medium-density and commercial sites, with an end value in excess of $1.5bn.

Project Overview

With the release of their first development project, a large 57-hectare site with 700 + lots called The Patch, Jinding Developments required the development of a lead generating, multi-lingual customer facing website which would integrate with their CRM to surface listings and push through enquiries. 

The site needed to provide visitors with the ability to learn about the project, register interest and track construction progress. Revium was engaged to support UX/UI design through supplying full development and integration works.


As part of the initial engagement it became clear that there would be efficiencies in building the website in a manner that would allow it to be easily re-purposed for other upcoming projects. With this in mind the initial brief for a single website transformed into a requirement for a re-usable base site and the creation of three separate websites for the companies first three projects - The Patch Wollert, Octave Junction Village and Harriott Armstrong Creek.

Adding to this complexity were some compressed timelines to get the sites live in order to meet fixed launch dates for each project.


WordPress was chosen as the most appropriate Content Management System for the project as it provided the flexibility and cost efficiencies that Jinding Developments was looking for – and as a bonus it was their existing platform of choice so it reduced training time and expense.

API Integration

Multiple APIs needed to be integrated on the websites in order to display content on the Now Selling and Land Summary pages. These were configured so that images pulled from an API would be saved to a local database, enabling data to be managed in the CRM without having to also edit the website. This process also minimised the number of API calls and maximised page load speed. 

Dashboard Reporting

To provide efficient evaluation and analysis of the data captured on the three community websites, Revium set up custom Google Analytics tracking to capture leads and other micro conversions from visitors. This enables the client to analyse how visitors interact with the site as well as details on the number of submissions received overtime and information on which pages on the sites were driving conversions.

Revium built custom dashboards for each website - the dashboards dynamically pull in site traffic and performance data and display them in a digestible format that can be readily accessed by the client for internal reporting.

Modular Geo-Targeting

The websites included two translations (English and Chinese) and page layouts needed to display a consistent user experience for both visitors located in Australia and China. Due to users from China being restricted from seeing several content types, such as Google Maps and Instagram feeds, Revium built a comprehensive fallback feature that allowed the Jinding Developments team to control what version of each module is displayed dependent on the users’ location.  


Revium developed secure, high quality, multi-lingual WordPress sites for the three Jinding Developments project websites and at the same time provided a re-usable foundation for future projects. 

Custom dashboard reporting enables the client to monitor the performance of the websites, giving them the opportunity to adjust and optimise their marketing activities for conversion rate improvement.

The three websites have since experienced enquiry conversion rates between 8-9%* from organic, referral and direct traffic alone, and these figures continue to improve with consistent evaluation and improvements.

*These conversion rates are accurate for The Patch and Octave websites but not Harriott, as the option to download project information is not yet available.