Genesis Fitness Acquires Leads at a 72% Lower CPA

Genesis Health and Fitness is one of Australia’s most recognised brands in the health and fitness vertical with 40 franchises and more than half a million members across Australia.

Genesis and Revium have been in partnership for more than 2 years and Revium is engaged to manage their national and local Search Engine Marketing (SEM) activity and their digital performance measurement program (including data analytics and bespoke reporting dashboards).


The fitness vertical in Google Ads is crowded and new competitors, gym types and fitness/nutrition apps are constantly emerging.

Due to the nature of their business, there are constant promotions and sales throughout the year across the franchise network, regions, and individual gyms to encourage people to become members. It is critical that Genesis’s offers appear front and centre for as many relevant prospects as possible to ensure they capitalise on these marketing initiatives.

The brief from Genesis was:

  • Develop a scalable solution that can be implemented with limited notice at a national, regional or gym specific level

  • The program needs to drive measurable results for the gyms – tracked through hard conversions based around signup volumes


In order to deliver a scalable solution that can be implemented with limited notice, not blow the budget, and drive efficiencies for the business, the solution was focused on best practice principles and a structured ad copy testing framework.

Best practice is at the heart of all Revium SEM campaigns. A strong foundation means we can scale the activity easily during any promotional periods. Best practice principles include;

  • How the account is structured

  • Volume of keyword coverage

  • Bidding strategies in place

  • and many more.

Once the account had been audited and properly structured Revium could focus on testing ad copy messages and utilising some of the more advanced features in Google Ads. Whilst good creative always wins, a little properly implemented technological wizardry can also help. With that in mind Revium leveraged a few different Google Ad capabilities such as:

  • ‘Countdown’ messaging to highlight urgency of a promotion

  • ‘Ad Customisers’ to personalise ad copy messaging based on the audience’s location and proximity to a nearby gym

  • ‘IF Functions’ are utilised to dynamically change a message to personalise copy based on new vs returning visitors.


Through the process of SEM best practices, constant ad copy testing and leveraging some of the advanced capabilities of Google Ads, Genesis has yielded some outstanding results. Compared with the controls, Revium’s efforts drove;

Whilst this is just the first step in ongoing optimisations, the strong results already achieved have delivered tangible benefits to Genesis with more customers from the same media spend.

The Revium team would love the opportunity to discuss details of our unique approach to Digital Marketing with you and explore how we could help your business achieve the same sorts of outstanding results.