Sophisticated benchmark survey tool for Export Finance and Insurance Corporation

Client overview

Australia's export credit agency, provides specialist finance and insurance services to Australian companies exporting and investing overseas.

As an export credit agency, EFIC operates beyond the limits of the commercial market. It provides the support you need when financial, country or industry risks exceed the capacity available in financial markets.

EFIC's network also extends beyond traditional commercial sources to other export credit agencies, multilateral bodies and Australian government agencies.

EFIC is a self-funding statutory corporation, wholly owned by the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia.

What we've done for them

Global Readiness Index

Revium developed a sophisticated benchmark survey tool which was purpose built to the needs of EFIC. The project included a custom survey and a pdf report which was distributed amongst participants.

The project involved gathering information from respondents online and presenting the overall and individual responses back to participants in the form of a benchmark report.

The online survey contained various financial questions revolving around export and offshore operations. Questions were response specific (i.e. depending on the response in question A either question B or C will be presented as an option in the following section) and the answers were structured in database tables to be used in the benchmark report. The benchmark report was populated as a pdf and contained various graphs, tables, world map presentations and charts to present the overall results with personalised indicators to show each respondent ranking across different industry sectors.

Services we offered