Concept Design and Validation of a World First Social Fintech App

The Challenge

HelpPay is an Australian social fintech start-up that seeks to make the process of providing and receiving financial help from friends and family to help pay bills quick and easy.

With a clear vision for how the platform would operate, HelpPay engaged Revium to conduct Market Research as well as design the digital experience for users of the app. As this was to be a launch into the market, Revium conducted Market Research to help inform the direction of the platform and the digital product.

The Solution

Revium undertook comprehensive Market Research to understand the financial hardship and peer-to-peer assistance landscape across Australia. This research was critical in helping HelpPay best target their service-offering, and how this could facilitate what can be very complex situations. A robust set of market insights were delivered to HelpPay based on the research undertaken.

With these insights the Revium UX team set about developing a conceptual experience to facilitate not only a financial transaction, but the complex and often emotional process of reaching out for or offering financial support, either as a once off or as an ongoing arrangement. After iterative rounds of ideation, the experience was developed into concept wireframes and Revium conducted online prototype testing to further refine the experience.

The Outcome

Revium delivered the validated concept wireframes for the HelpPay release and continue to oversight the development of the product by the Revium Development and Delivery teams to ensure the best outcomes are created for the end-user. With the platform set to launch in mid-2021, the Revium CX team will remain hands-on with monitoring real user data to identify and resolve usability challenges, as well as designing for future releases and product features.

The Revium CX team took incredible personal and emotional ownership in all the work they did for us. I was impressed at how quickly they got on board with our purpose of ‘making helping easier’. The genius of the HelpPay platform would not be what it is without the quality workmanship of the Revium team.