Belgravia is an Australian Leisure Management organisation with over 30 years’ industry experience. With an extensive portfolio of health clubs, spas, accommodation, campsites, golf courses, aquatic and sporting facilities, Belgravia operates $2 billion worth of assets at 165 locations across Australia and New Zealand.

In 2017, Belgravia’s existing decentralised processes and digital infrastructure were becoming costly to learn and maintain, and they subsequently released a Request for Proposal identifying their requirement for a modern, responsive website for all Belgravia Leisure products and services. Revium responded with an intricate solution to their decentralised systems, which would align Belgravia Leisure’s existing technology environment and provide each facility control over their website within the broader corporate rules/framework. 



Website Design & Development
The predominant challenge for Revium was to centralise Belgravia’s digital assets and infrastructure into one functional system. Each facility needed the ability to create their own website on an as-needs basis with little or no input from Revium, which required adaptable and configurable master CMS controls enabling Belgravia to add, remove and maintain each facility website. Additionally, each site had to be customisable to suit the branding and style of the individual facility while still adhering to the same set of CMS templates. While design and development of this new system proved to be complex in itself, Belgravia also required innovative training materials to enable staff to adopt and understand the new system.

Beyond website development, the build solution needed to meet best practice SEO standards, without losing any existing SEO value while migrating to the new solution – a challenge that poses huge risk if not managed and planned correctly. Belgravia also required the CMS to offer on-page marketing features (segmentation, personalisation, automated marketing, lead scoring, and conversion optimisation) across the facilities.



CMS Selection
Revium recommended Kentico as the CMS for the project due to its ability to meet most of the business requirements for functionality out of the box, and allow for the customisation necessary to facilitate the development of functionality unique to Belgravia.

Kentico enabled Revium to custom develop the key element of the solution - a ‘Facility Site Wizard’ to allow an individual facility across Golf clubs, Leisure Centres, Swimming Pools and Waterparks to select an appropriate website template and customise the site’s appearance appropriate to their facility branding. Core Information Architecture elements are able to be adjusted by editors with appropriate permissions (e.g. headquarters staff), while the Administrator is taken through set up tasks such as selecting the domain, colour scheme, logos and integrations with third party software.

Training Materials
With so many CMS users at various levels of access, Belgravia required a simple, easily accessed and easily understood method of disseminating the new CMS instructions. Revium created a series of 8 instructional videos which explained and demonstrated the process of constructing a new facility site through edited screen recording. The videos cover each functional aspect of the facility site and detail which elements to use in which scenario, with clear examples and tips.



Now self-sufficient to deploy new websites for their growing portfolio of facilities, Belgravia’s centralised system reduces the time it takes to go live with a new site. This has saved Belgravia significant cost with 30 new facility sites created since the launch of the new system, and the remaining sites due to go live within the next year.

Further, as Belgravia tenders for the management of new facilities, the business now offers a website solution alongside their staffing, health and wellbeing programs and facility management systems – creating further competitive advantage.

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