Belgravia Leisure Multi-Site Implementation

From disparate systems to one powerful CMS for facilities management giants, Belgravia Leisure.

The Landscape

Disparate infrastructure, management and assets 

As one of Australia and New Zealand’s largest leisure management companies, Belgravia Leisure operates over $2 billion worth of assets across 190+ locations. Having grown their portfolio over three decades – which includes areas of operation in sport, community leisure, health and wellness, tourism and events, resorts and accommodation - Belgravia Leisure was operating multiple legacy systems that were difficult to learn and costly to maintain.

Seeking an antidote to their decentralised infrastructure, Belgravia Leisure went to market looking for an industry leading provider who could build a responsive and scalable website solution. Revium presented an intricate, future-proof solution that would transform and consolidate Belgravia’s existing technology environment into one functional system.

There were several key requirements for the new system:  

Self-build websites

Each leisure facility needed the ability to build websites on an as-needs basis, with little or no input from a vendor.

Customisable templates

New sites needed to be customised to reflect each facility’s branding while adhering to a pre-defined set of CMS template components.

Centralised hosting & development support

With such a disconnected digital ecosystem, Belgravia needed the new solution to centralise their hosting and development support to reduce the duplication of effort and costs.

Security parameters

Like many modern businesses, Belgravia was acutely aware of cyber security challenges facing online businesses. They required a central CMS platform and hosting solution to minimise risk and streamline governance processes.

Seamless user onboarding

With thousands of potential CMS users at varying levels of permission, Belgravia needed a simple, accessible way to disseminate onboarding instructions and promote user adoption.  

The Solution

Creative freedom within a structured, centralised environment   

Facility Site Wizard

Revium recommended Kentico Xperience as the CMS due to its ability to meet most functional requirements “out of the box,” while achieving the desired level of customisation.

Kentico Xperience enabled Revium to custom develop the crux of the solution - a Facility Site Wizard. This unique functionality was purpose-built to allow each facility to select an appropriate web template and customise the appearance in line with their own branding. Four Site Wizard templates were also developed to cater for Belgravia’s different facility types (e.g. golf, wellness, leisure, waterparks), including core information architecture elements that can be easily configured by editors with appropriate permissions. At Administrator access level, important configuration tasks like domain name configuration, colour scheme, logos and integrations with third-party software are managed and implemented.

Training Materials 

Revium created a series of eight instructional videos to demonstrate the process of constructing a new facility site through edited screen recordings. The videos covered each functional aspect of a facility site build and detailed the elements to use in each scenario, with clear examples and tips provided. 


The Outcome

Management efficiencies, cost savings and speed to market 

Now self-sufficient to deploy new websites for their growing portfolio of facilities, Belgravia’s centralised CMS system reduces the time it takes from build to go-live. In addition to saving Belgravia significant design time and development costs, with over 180 new facility sites created since launch, it has also streamlined their support model and cyber security requirements.

As Belgravia Leisure onboards management of new facilities, they now have a competitive marketing advantage to offer alongside their brand, market share, resources, programs and other facility management systems. 


  • Better cost control

  • Business efficiency

  • Ease of maintenance

  • Efficient product development

  • Faster speed to market

  • Improved customer experience

  • Improved performance

  • Creative freedomandcontrol

  • Process efficiency

  • Technicalconsolidation

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