Welcoming more team members as part owners of Revium

We are thrilled to announce that Revium now has an 8% ownership stake from our staff.  

Employee ownership is beneficial in many ways. Whilst it gives employees equity in Revium so they can share in the businesses’ success in terms of capital growth and profit, it is also a way for both the business and the staff member to show the mutual commitment, trust and respect that each party has for the other.  

Employee Benefits Trust (EBT) structures are becoming increasingly common in organisations to attract, retain and reward key talent within the business. Research has found that businesses who have implemented an employee ownership scheme see greater productivity, higher profitability and increased employee satisfaction.

At Revium, we have had an EBT in place for 4 years now with three people initially coming on board owning a 1% stake each - this has grown since then to today where we have eight individuals all with a 1% ownership stake.  

Our 3 New EBT Members for 2021 

We are excited to have 3 new team members joining the EBT at the start of July this year. Chanelle Harkness, Ana Petreska and Stephen Luke have each joined the EBT after being invited to participate based on their ongoing commitment, and dedication.  

Ana Petreska

Ana joined Revium as a Business Analyst in 2018 after moving from New Zealand where she was a Software Developer. Ana quickly became an integral member of the Revium team and was promoted to Lead Business Analyst at the beginning of this year.

“When I was approached to become part of the Revium EBT I was thrilled. To have the opportunity to own part of the business you work for and to be rewarded with a profit share is not something that is offered by all companies, so I jumped at the chance”.

Chanelle Harkness

Chanelle joined Revium shortly before Ana in what was a newly created role back then as a Digital Producer (DP). Since then, Chanelle has also worked her way up to a leadership role and today she is our Lead Digital Producer as well as having taking over the mantle as the consultancies’ Resource Manager.  

“I was honoured to be offered the opportunity to join the Revium EBT program. Becoming an EBT holder shows my commitment to the business and makes me feel valued in my role”.

Stephen Luke

Stephen, our Senior CX Designer, is our third addition to the EBT program this year. Stephen joined Revium three and a half years ago as our first CX designer and researcher and was pivotal in growing the CX team to what it is today.

“Joining Revium’s EBT program is a fantastic opportunity. It shows Revium’s appreciation of my work, and in return my commitment to Revium”.

The core of Revium is our people and our passion, and our EBT program supports the growth of both. We have a supportive and driven workplace culture with a focus on helping our staff to grow professionally as we experience ongoing growth as an organisation. As part of that journey we are looking forward to continuing to increase the scale of our EBT scheme, and the participation in it, over the years to come.

To learn more about working with Revium, visit our careers page.