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Riding for a Brighter Future: Revium's Journey with Sisters of the Saddle

The Sisters of the Saddle (SOTS) is one such story, a tale of strength, resilience, and passion that has captured the hearts of many, including our team here at Revium.

In a world where making a difference often feels daunting, there are remarkable stories of individuals and organisations that prove that positive change is possible, even in the face of adversity. The Sisters of the Saddle (SOTS) is one such story, a tale of strength, resilience, and passion that has captured the hearts of many, including our team here at Revium.

The inception of Sisters of the Saddle in 2021 marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey. These days so many people are willing to complain about the problems they face in their communities, but too few are willing to stand up and do something about it. Driven by a shared love for riding, supporting one another, and nurturing their communities, a group of like-minded women came together with a simple mission – to find a way to make a difference in the lives of young people and communities in need. Thus, Sisters of the Saddle was born.


In 2022, SOTS embarked on their inaugural ride, a challenging 350km journey that brought together 34 female business and community leaders. Their goal was to raise $300,000, and most of these funds, $270,000 to be precise, went directly to their charity partner, Traction. Traction empowers vulnerable young individuals to discover, connect, and realise their positive and prosperous future.

The success of the 2022 event was nothing short of extraordinary, and it laid the foundation for the remarkable year that followed. In 2023, the Sisters of the Saddle Foundation was born. This Public Ancillary Fund grants SOTS the autonomy to work with charitable partners who share their values and vision. Their goal is simple yet profound: to build a connected social and corporate community committed to creating better futures for children and youth.

What sets SOTS apart from other fundraising organisations is its approach. They understand the importance of building connections, friendships, and fitness among women to have a positive social impact. Riding bikes together is the platform they use for their fundraising efforts, and they live and breathe their core values in everything they do.

This year, from the 27th to the 29th of October, 45 female business and community leaders of the Sisters of the Saddle took on the challenge of riding 350km over three days to raise $300,000 for their charity partners, Traction and Zephyr Education. It was a journey of challenges, including rain, headwinds, and scorching sun. But the spirit of the SOTS shone through, and they surpassed their fundraising goal, raising over $380,000.


The 2023 event was a testament to their unwavering commitment. Day 1 took them from Rosewood to Toowoomba, with a daunting 21% climb up the Toowoomba range. Day 2 was marked by 40km/h headwinds, but the Sisters of the Saddle supported each other. Day 3 brought them to their final destination in Brisbane, having ridden 160km from Toowoomba. Their journey was a physical and emotional triumph, reflecting their dedication to their cause.

Rebecca White, our very own Queensland Director is one of the SOTS riders and an enthusiastic and passionate ambassador for their cause. As a business Revium was proud to get behind Rebecca and her sisters both in terms of our team providing support and encouragement at a team level, as well as putting our money where our mouth is and sponsoring the SOTS event.

Our values closely align with SOTS; their commitment to community and giving back resonates with our own - so we are proud to have been able to not only sponsor the team but also to lend our expertise to help run the fundraising marketing campaign for them. The partnership between Revium and Sisters of the Saddle Foundation is just one example of how businesses and communities can unite to shape a brighter future for those in need.

Congratulations to all of those who took part, to everyone who supported them and to everyone who donated to the cause.