Revium Secures Cyber Security Partnership with ACSC

Revium has become a partner with the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) who lead the Australian Government’s efforts to improve cyber security. Based within the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), which has a long history of cyber security excellence, the ACSC provides advice and information about how to protect organisations from the increasing threats posed by cybercrime.  

Through this partnership, Revium is part of a trusted network of like-minded cyber security professionals from government, industry, and academia. This helps to not only extend Revium’s credentials in cyber security, but additionally gives us access to timely intelligence on potential cyber threats as well as developing collaborative solutions and resources to help mitigate them.   

What This Means for Revium Clients 

The partnership will allow Revium to have access to:     

Threat Intelligence & Enhanced Situational Awareness    

The ACSC constantly monitor cyber threats across the globe 24 hours a day, seven days a week from a range of local and global sources. As a partner, Revium will have access to threat intelligence consisting of context-rich, actionable, and timely information in a variety of formats, including alerts and advisories, and automated indicator sharing.   

Additionally, we share threat intelligence and situational awareness derived from our own networks, allowing us to develop a more complete picture of the threat environment for ourselves and our clients.  

Collaboration Opportunities   

Being a part of the ACSC partnership program, Revium can develop collaborative solutions to cyber security risks and issues affecting ourselves and our clients.  Revium can engage with fellow cyber security professionals on a broad range of cyber security issues, through presentations, forums, workshops, training sessions and information exchanges. Revium will be a part of the national network of the ACSC partners through the ACSC’s online communications platforms to contribute to a common understanding of the cyber security environment and achieve optimal mitigation.    

Resilience-building Activities   

Revium has access to a wide range of resilience building activities provided by both the ACSC and other partners. With the ACSC, Revium is able to participate in a range of classified and unclassified events, dedicated workshops, cyber security exercises, and presentations on cyber security.   

The JCSC network   

The ACSC has a network of Joint Cyber Security Centres (JCSCs), which is a forum for businesses, government, and other stakeholders to easily access and share cyber security information and expertise. This trusted, neutral environment helps drive collaboration and information-sharing on joint cyber-security challenges and opportunities. Revium has access to timely, and often sensitive, information through this program which can be used to help mitigate cyber security threats for both Revium and our clients.   

Why Invest in Cyber Security? 

In this digital era, it is important to understand that information is both more valuable, and more vulnerable than ever before. To protect ourselves and the people we interact with from threats, it is critical to have a strong understanding of cyber security.   

Anything that relies on the internet for communication, or is connected to a computer or other smart device, is at risk of being compromised. A hacker can take less than just minutes to get into a poorly protected network. On the flip side, it can take months to detect cyber-attacks, and even longer to recover from the damage they can inflict.  Being ahead of the threats and risk can go a long way to avoid the unpleasant and often crippling impacts of suffering a cyber security breach. Revium’s partnership with the ACSC puts us in a great position to respond to threats faster and more effectively. 

Reach out to our team of cyber security experts for more information on how Revium, backed by our collaboration with the ACSC, can help to mitigate cyber security risks for your business.