ADNEWS: Revium is Proud to Announce That 10% of The Company is Now Owned By Our Staff

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We are welcoming three additional team members to the Employee Benefits Trust program in 2022.  

At Revium, the Employee Benefits Trust (EBT) program has steadily grown since its inception in 2018. Each year, employees are given the opportunity to purchase equity in the business. A select number of staff are invited to join based on their work ethic, dedication and the ways in which they exemplify Revium’s core values.   

The EBT scheme is just one of the many unique ways that Revium seeks to recognise the efforts of our team members. Not only does becoming an equity holder give employees a sense of appreciation, it gives them a chance to gain insights into the ups and downs of business ownership. 

With 3 new additions in 2022, we have achieved a landmark 10% ownership from our staff. With the success of the program so far, along with Revium’s ambitious business growth plans, we are on the path to increasing this stake to 15% in the coming two years.  

Our 3 New EBT Members for 2022  

We are excited to have 3 new team members joining the EBT at the start of July this year. Carla Addamo, Chris Newton and Effie Alexopoulos have each joined after being invited to participate based on their ongoing commitment, and dedication.   

Carla Adamo  

Carla is our Executive Assistant and joined Revium in 2016. Carla provides daily support to management and staff and is a highly valued and trusted member of the team.  

“I was very excited to be offered the opportunity to join Revium’s EBT Program. I am beyond grateful to work for a company that values my commitment and work ethic.”  

Chris Newton  

Chris is our Head of Front-End (FE) Development, joining Revium back in 2018. He has helped grow the FE department to one of the largest at Revium with his strong technical skills and ability to mentor his team. This has resulting in an ongoing expansion in Revium’s technical capabilities and the breadth of our service offering.   

“The EBT program sounded super interesting when I was first told about it. I was excited that Revium asked me to join and gave me the opportunity to contribute and invest in the company”.  

Effie Alexopoulos 

Effie, our Finance & HR Manager, joined Revium six years ago. She is a dedicated and integral member of the team, ensuring that our daily operations run smoothly.   

“I was elated to receive the fantastic opportunity to join Revium’s EBT program in recognition of not only my commitment to Revium’s continued success but also Revium’s commitment to my career success”. 

At Revium, our most valued asset is our people. Our unique EBT program is one of many ways we support the professional and personal growth of our staff. The program has seen great success since it commenced back in 2018, and we are committed to increasing the scale and participation of the program over many years to come.

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