Revium Earns Data Handling Trust Mark

The Association for Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA) offers members an online data security and handling course – Data Pass.

With more than 20% of our CX, Data and Digital consultants now certified, Revium has earned the ADMA Trust Mark. This accreditation gives clients confidence and verifies Revium’s ability to handle sensitive data in line with legal and ethical obligations.

What This Means for Revium Clients

Studies from 2016 and 2017 show 84% of data breaches were inadvertent and unintentional, and mainly a result of human error. In an ever-changing legal landscape, and in light of the recent ACCC Digital Platforms Report, Revium saw it critical our team understand the complexities of handling data across a range of digital (and traditional) marketing activities, to both advise on and mitigate risk of a data breach for our clients. From collection, to distribution and utilisation, Data Pass deep dives into the finer details of data privacy compliance. This enables us to keep your customers’ data safe, and protect our clients from increasingly firm data privacy laws.

ADMA’s Data Pass spans 12 crucial elements of data handling and privacy, which provides Trust Mark certified companies with comprehensive knowledge of;

Data Privacy Laws

We understand how privacy laws have evolved – and continue to evolve! Australia’s 13 Privacy Principles, the Notifiable Data Breach initiative and the EU’s GDPR have brought about new rules and regulations which impact every company that collects or uses data. We know what our responsibilities are, and we also understand yours.

Variations for Marketing Channels

Regulations differ depending on the marketing channel your company is using to leverage data. Whether you’re contacting your existing customer database, conducting sales calls, or retargeting through an email campaign – the rules change depending on the channel, and we ensure your activities meet all requirements.

Nuances of Data Collection

How companies collect data has become more scrutinised (and more publicised) over the last few years. This means that data collection requirements are stricter; and the penalties for non-compliance are more severe than ever. We ensure your website or digital marketing activities are first gaining the necessary level of consent (informed, voluntary, current and specific), and then meet every requirement for disclosure, data records, opt outs and privacy policy.

Why Choose a Certified Agency?

Every company expects their agency handle data with due diligence, however the 3,800 data breaches which occurred in 2019 alone suggests this not the case. ADMA’s Trust Mark allows you to identify agencies that have made the effort to understand their ethical and regulatory obligations.

While gaining the Trust Mark was our initial objective, more Revium staff members will continue to undertake the Data Pass course, and we will complete training annually in order to keep our knowledge of data handling current and front of mind. If you would like to discuss data security, or our range of data services, get in touch with one of our experts!