MUMBRELLA: Revium now has Thirteen Staff as Equity Holders

This article was first published in Mediaweek, AdNews, Mumbrella and B&T.

Full-service digital agency Revium has offered two additional employees an equity stake in the business as part of a unique benefits offering.

Believed to be a first in the Australian digital marketing and transformation space, the employee benefits trust (EBT) allows staff to take acquire shares. Revium’s client service director Chris Joyner and senior .NET developer Chanmony Tha are the latest to take up the offer. Their addition takes the total number of EBT participants to 13.

Managing director Adam Barty said the scheme was first introduced in 2018 and is projected to see a 15% employee ownership within the next 12 months, on its way to a target of 25% by 2026.

“We are very proud to see more valued members of the Revium team taking up the opportunity to join our unique program,” Barty said.

We believe this is a unique offering in market, allowing any person in any position at Revium to apply, as opposed to similar programs in larger corporates that only seek to reward staff in revenue-generating positions.

Adam Barty - Managing Director

“We are committed to continuing to increase the scale and participation in the program as part of our future vision for the business.”

Of his participation, Joyner said: “The EBT scheme at Revium is something you don’t often see in our industry. This unique approach to shared success and empowering employees played a big part in my decision to come onboard.”

And Tha commented: “I’m thrilled to be part of Revium’s team that invests in its people through programs like EBT. The program will help me grow with the company.”

The equity holdings of two existing members have also increased in this latest round.