AFR: Understanding unsexy law reform could turn you into a business superstar

This article first appeared in the AFR

The privacy law reform conversation may be the least sexy topic doing the rounds at present, but its significance for most Australian businesses will be nothing short of monumental.

A recent privacy survey by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner proved Australians are increasingly concerned with online privacy, and want to see the government act.

A staggering 90 per cent of respondents said they wanted tougher legislation to protect them. Given the number of very public data breaches, including Optus and Medibank, there is no doubt the government is listening.

With privacy law reform imminent, executives who seize the opportunity to take proactive measures today will set themselves up to be hailed as heroes in their organisations tomorrow.

The time to think about this brave new dawn in privacy regulation is right now, and readiness is the name of the game.

Make no mistake: the new regulations are going to create challenges for pretty much every organisation in Australia. They can’t, and shouldn’t, be ignored or put in the “things to worry about later” basket.

If you don’t act now, your inertia will bite you in the arse in 18 months time, maybe even sooner...

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