Segment is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) which provides a centralised data repository that;

  • Allows for the easy ingestion and sharing of data across all your platforms
  • Enables you to analyse your customers’ behaviour end to end through a single customer view (SCV)
  • Gives you sophisticated and granular control over segmentation, automated marketing and personalisation across your various assets.

Using a single API, Segment streamlines the data collection by pulling in first-party customer data across various platforms into a central hub. The data can be standardised using code templates derived from Segment’s developer libraries, allowing users to overcome common technical issues encountered with data collection in siloed analytics platforms (i.e. cross-device, user ID, channel attribution tracking) and reduce the costs required to build and maintain these different integrations.

The key features of Segment include;

Connections simplifies the coding required to tracking data and integrate platforms under a single API.  After the initial set-up, users can implement pre-configured ‘recipes’ to quickly connect platforms commonly used to launch a campaign.

Segment has set of microtools that automate standardised data collection and the QA process, so you can be confident in the information you are collecting and the insights it provides.

The Personas feature leverages the unified data to build detailed behaviour profiles for each customer. With just a few clicks, these profiles can be segmented to create custom audience groups that can be pushed with a single button click to marketing tools like Facebook, Google Ads, Mailchimp or Optimizely.

Segment encrypts all data at rest and uses TLS to protect data in transit. Users are encouraged to create strong passwords to access the data and can choose to enable multi-factor authentication to further secure the data.

GDPR Compliance
Data deletion requests can be automatically actioned within Segment and forwarded to compatible tools.

Segment Partner

Revium are a Segment Partner, based in Melbourne. Becoming a channel partner requires a screening and approval process, this ensures that the prospect has the requisite skills and experience in:
  • System integration
  • Data and analytic across digital platforms
  • Web and mobile development
This process ensures that technically astute agencies with strong data and analytics focus have an opportunity to become a partner. 
Segment then conduct a thorough certification and training program that provides a deep understanding of the product, how it can be used to benefit different types of organisations and training on best practice implementation methodologies and processes.

Organisations engaging a Partner can therefore be confident that the agency they are engaging is fully capable of working with the platform.

As Segment Partners, Revium are in a unique position to help Australian businesses understand and implement the powerful customer data platform.

If you would like to discuss how Segment can help your organisation with their data, contact us today.

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