Revium consultants are available to review the architecture of systems to achieve an optimal outcome. If systems need to be connected, Revium can do the “heavy lifting” for specification and technical delivery.


Architecture for IT systems is, in essence, thinking through the way that systems fit together to provide an optimal solution.

Revium provides a consulting service to review new or existing systems and to make recommendations for improvements.

Systems in a Mess

Sometimes a company's systems grow over time and do not operate efficiently. When it's obvious that systems and/or data are not playing nicely, it's time to step back and review all the individual contributions to the overall system. Revium provides highly skilled consultants who can assess and review such problems, large or small. Revium consultants will consider options and review those options against business strategy. In many cases, the best approach is to introduce gradual improvements that work towards smoother operations over time.

Underlying Technologies

Sometimes an overall system will have different underlying technologies. Whilst there may be good reasons for this, this sometimes leads to data duplication and interoperability issues. These matters are taken into consideration when reviewing your existing architecture.

Introducing a New System

When a new system is introduced to an existing environment and interaction between the systems is required, a thoughtful and skilled analysis is needed to best understand how to integrate the new system into the existing environment. Considerations usually concern hosting, common platforms, interoperability and security. Typically, the new system will require data to be transferred to and from other systems.

Systems Integration

Systems integration covers all areas that involve systems fitting together. Revium is experienced in this area and carefully considers your overall architecture before deciding on the best integration approach.

Data integration is a crucially important part of systems integration and details how data is transferred between systems. Revium typically uses web services for data integration but proprietary APIs and FTP are also used.

System interfaces are often more complex than they seem and can lead to overruns even in otherwise well managed projects. To mitigate any risk, Revium consultants pay extra attention to specification and testing regimes.

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At Revium, we're deliberately technology agnostic: we maintain relationships with the world's leading technology companies so that we can provide unbiased advice on fit-for-purpose technology solutions.

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  • Delivered a structured document template to create indexed, searchable online documents for the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine

  • Delivered signup confirmation email and SMS notification using Twilio for Alinta Energy

  • Implemented process to extract Twilio opt-in/opt-out phone numbers and send daily email to TSA team to wash before calling for Alinta

  • Applied IIS technique to display maintenance page to the public while still allowing client access for testing for CICM Umbraco site

  • Implemented Kentico V9 CMS for Engie Assets Closure website

  • Consulted with stakeholders at Financial Ombudsman Service for online strategic review

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