Architecture for IT systems is in essence thinking through the way that systems fit together to manage the flow of and improve efficiency, ensure security and reliability of exchange and storage of customer data in a compliant manner.

At Revium we consult with our clients to map out new implementations, review existing systems or deprecate legacy systems to achieve business efficacy and enhanced customer experience.

System Architecture Audits

When understanding your system architecture, we begin by auditing your current state architecture and perform discovery works on your future state needs. This enables us to make an informed assessment on whether we need to retain, upgrade or rebuild in order to deliver you a competitive advantage through an improved future-state technology stack or hosting environment. 

Legacy Systems

As a company’s systems grow and evolve various elements of the technology stack can sometimes fail to operate as efficiently or effectively as they once did. Our expertly skilled consultants are able to assess and audit these problems and recommend options to fix these which align with your business strategy.

Underlying Technologies

Over time, changes to IT strategies and systems can lead to legacy systems causing data duplication and interoperability issues.

Our consultants take legacy systems into account when reviewing your architecture and devise a roadmap that brings your system onto a common technology stack– making future enhancements, security and scalability easier to implement and maintain.

Introducing a New System

When a new system is introduced to an existing environment and interaction between systems is required, with thoughtful analysis of what is needed to best understand how to integrate the systems to avoid future complications. 

Revium are experienced in delivering complex solutions and integrating them with your current systems architecture, whilst ensuring data is handled, stored and used in accordance with your privacy and compliance obligations. 

Our team has the experience and intimate knowledge of the legal frameworks surrounding data privacy and security to audit your current state system architecture and devise new solutions that are extensible, robust and secure to provide a stable foundation for your organisation’s for future growth.

If you are looking to improve the efficiency and reliability of your systems, contact us today.

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  • Developed Power Deal Manager to generate daily extracts and send to specified email address using task scheduler for Alinta Energy

  • Launched online sign-up function integrated with billing engine Orion with QAS Address validation for Alinta Energy

  • Added a function to ANZCA CPD systems allowing users to create and download a Certificate of Compliance in PDF format when targets are met

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  • Developed mortgage discharge interactive PDF form using Adobe LiveCycle ES2 and Acrobat Pro for use by Land Victoria mortgagees

  • Implemented SQL scripts and scheduled tasks for purging data in DMZ tables for Financial Ombudsman Service

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