Ensuring your website, web-based application or hosting environment is maintained and supported adequately means your investment and business risk is mitigated from performance issues, security threats and unnecessary downtime.

Revium provides tailored Service Level Agreements (SLA) to give you peace of mind that your web-based customer experience is constantly monitored and periodically serviced/updated.

At the conclusion of most major projects, systems will require some form of support or maintenance, and we consult with your project & IT teams to ensure all potential ongoing maintenance requirements are considered, and plan a support approach that serves your needs. 


Support Agreements

Typically, our agreements separate application support from hosting support, and pending the business-critical nature of the website or application, some or all the following considerations will be discussed when establishing an SLA and the level of support required:
  • Hourly rate vs monthly retainer
  • Severity levels
  • Response times 
  • Customer portal for logging and triaging support tickets
  • Incident reporting (web, email, phone)
  • Business hours only or 24/7x365 support
  • Training and documentation 
  • Guaranteed response and recovery times 
  • Status reporting on tickets raised
  • Management reports
  • Server and system automated monitoring

Hosting Support

When Revium supports your hosting environment (be that cloud-based, on-premise, or in our own tier-III data center), the following services will typically be included in an SLA, separate to provisioning of the hosting environment itself:
  • Monitoring of usage and performance  
  • First-level support for incidents 
  • Data loss recovery 
  • Ongoing configuration optimisation management based on alerts  
  • Proactive monitoring of the service. 
  • Ongoing Windows patch and service pack management approach

Website/Application Support & Maintenance 

Revium’s support services for websites and applications typically include:
  • Ongoing website amendments 
  • Banner and graphic replacement/updates
  • Regular content updates (and/or CMS system training)
  • Website re-skin 
  • Upgrades to CMS software (or other 3rd party tools) 
  • Enhancements (e.g. new/modified features, new/modified interfaces)
  • Ongoing SEO support 
  • Implementation of personalisation tactics
  • Digital marketing support
  • Digital strategy consulting 
  • Content strategy development


When you engage Revium to support your website or application, ensuring you have an SLA in place gives you the assurance that your investment is being maintained and supported with guaranteed access to the expert resources you need, when you need them.

Find out more about our support and maintenance services by contacting us today.

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