Quality is at the heart of our project management system.

This means that the overarching aim and effort for all delivered projects is to ensure that we do what was agreed we do, in terms of functionality, timelines, resources and costs. Revium has a proud record in delivering large and complex projects. We offer clients experienced and methodical Project Managers who sweat the detail. We apply methodologies and techniques that place you, the client, in the centre and suit your organisation and project needs.

We bring decades of experience managing projects across all stages of the Software Development Life Cycle, in particular:

Revium Project Management Toolbox

The key elements of our project management techniques are:

  • Project Planning & Resourcing
  • Project Monitoring & Reporting
  • Risk Management
  • Change Control
  • Escalation
  • Post Implementation Review

Project Planning & Resourcing

At Revium, your project team is established at the beginning of the project, with resources allocated to deliver upon the major milestones and timelines of your project. We issue you with a project delivery plan against these same milestones and timelines, with each deliverable broken down into discreet tasks. These project tasks are used to establish a detailed internal resourcing plan. The resourcing of Revium’s full project portfolio is reviewed at least once a week while resourcing for individual projects are reviewed as required.

Project Monitoring & Reporting

Revium uses professional software to record and manage all aspects of project delivery and client engagement. Dashboards, work plans and reports provide instant and up to date project information. This allows us to foresee any potential challenges or issues and take corrective steps as soon as practicable. In addition, Revium holds regular project review meetings with client project teams to ensure your project stays on track and any issues can be addressed as they arise. We also provide a Customer Portal which gives clients the ability to raise tickets and monitor their progress in real time via our project management software.

Risk Management

Managing project risks is critical for a successful implementation. Revium maintains a Risk Register for each project which is reviewed during project meetings. Each risk is assessed for its severity and likelihood if or when they are raised, and when circumstances change. We work with our clients to mitigate risk as best as possible, from project start through to implementation and beyond.

Change Control

Our Change Control process takes affect once the Planning & Analysis phase has been completed and upon client approval of specifications and designs. The process ensures that change requests introduced during the Implementation phase are dealt with in a controlled manner. It assists our clients in focusing on changes that are worth pursuing and is aimed at avoiding project derailment due to costly or time consuming changes.


All of our clients are assigned a Project Manager and a Client Relationship Manager. This allows client staff to have a relationship with their peer at Revium and allows for the escalation of issues through the correct channels, if required.

Post Implementation Review

Any significant issue encountered during project implementation prompts a Post Implementation Review (PIR). This ensures both Revium and our clients benefit from continuous process improvement. During the review the root causes of the issue(s) are identified and based on the 'lessons learnt’. Staff members are then tasked with actioning these recommendations for improvement.

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