The rise of marketing personalisation has signalled a new era of digital marketing, where individualised content and user experiences, tailored to each customer, have become so common they’re now expected.

Revium understands that failure to personalise content will make for a comparatively poor customer experience which can then lead to an increase in frustration, a reduction in goodwill towards your brand and, ultimately, a lower chance of winning or retaining a customer.

When developing a personalisation strategy, Revium focuses on what your customers or website visitors are interested in at the exact moment they interact with your content, and this allows us to serve highly relevant information and recommendations to each person in real time.


Why Do We Personalise?

Given the varying, nuanced characteristics of an organisation’s online audience, it’s unsurprising that campaigns and websites that tailor their content specifically to each individual tend to perform better than their counterparts.

Marketers find that personalisation often leads to;

  • Increased conversion rates
  • Improved customer loyalty and brand reputation
  • Increased customer lifetime value and longer-term relationships


Marketing Personalisation in Practice

In practice, personalisation can take many forms within your overarching digital strategy and across your marketing channels. Data can come from your CRM, website, analytics platforms and a myriad of other sources - either as standalone feeds or utilising a combination of any or all sources.

With a growing number of personalisation tools and technology emerging in the market, we are able to personalise various digital interactions such as;

  • Show specific website creative or recommendations tailored to individual website visitors
  • Customise your automated marketing to ensure only relevant content is sent to your database
  • Streamline your online advertising efforts with personalised ads

As an example, an organisation might show payment method information on their website’s home page to existing customers, while serving non-customers with ‘new customer’ promotions and discounts.

Revium’s Approach to Personalisation

Revium’s team of digital marketing experts approach personalisation with the same data-driven approach that underlies all our digital marketing services, paired with a focus on delivering strong ROI to our clients. Our process for incorporating personalisation into our digital marketing campaigns is made up of eight critical components:

  • Strategy - We start by creating a comprehensive and holistic personalisation strategy, tailored to your business requirements and objectives.
  • Technology Selection – While defining your strategy, we also recommend the most appropriate platform or tool for your individual business requirements and infrastructure.
  • Define Tracking Requirements – We ensure correct tracking is planned and implemented to collect user data from a range of sources and combine it into a Single Customer View (SCV).
  • Develop Lead Scoring & Segmentation – We then create rules which will group visitors into segments, which allows us to determine which personalised content is shown, and to who.
  • Persona Creation – Personas are developed by identifying similar attributes of your audience, which allows us to segment your audience accurately based on a range of characteristics & demographics.
  • Agreeing to Confidence Levels – Setting confidence levels ensures measured improvements in performance are statistically significant, and this allows us to confidently attribute improvements to the individual personalisation methods.
  • Monitoring Rules – We constantly monitor and optimise to ensure ongoing performance improvements.
  • Ongoing Optimisation Plan – Finally, an Optimisation Plan is developed which details how and when activity will be conducted across your channels and campaigns to ensure ongoing improvements.

Using Personalisation to Drive Conversions, Engagement & ROI

Personalisation allows us to extend our customer experience (CX) services by designing and delivering online solutions that are specific to each customer; providing experiences they can relate to, benefit from and act upon. This drives higher engagement, loyalty, conversions and creates brand advocates for longer term success.

If you would like to know how Personalisation can help your organisation, get in touch with Revium today.

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