Hosting your website or application in a secure environment is essential to preventing data loss, unexpected downtime from malicious attack, or exposing Personally Identifiable Data (PII) to unwanted third parties.

Revium’s team of system architects and system administrators design, manage, monitor and customise hosting and infrastructure to meet your organisation’s security and compliance requirements. Clients can engage our services to provision and manage hosting end-to-end, or to act as an internal IT administration team and manage the performance of their own environment. 


Revium Hosting Solutions

Revium provides hosting solutions tailored to your needs, ranging from simple to more complex environments with the appropriate level of managed services included.

Basic Hosting
We provide cost effective hosting for simple websites which are small and stable in nature. Our service includes:

  • Domain name registration and management
  • SSL certificate installation and renewal management
  • Email services (Up to 100 email accounts)
  • Overnight backups

Custom Hosting
Specialising in custom hosting of websites, web applications and other IT applications, our consultants engage with you to determine a solution that fits your technical and business requirements. Typical items for consideration are:

  • Environment (e.g. Shared Virtual Machine (VM), dedicated VM or dedicated physical server)
  • Performance (e.g. load balancing, multiple web servers, failover databases)
  • Backup frequency and location
  • Trial restore and testing regimes

Depending on your requirements, Revium can provide the following managed services:

  • 24/7 monitoring and incident response
  • Domain name registration and management
  • SSL certificates for 2048-bit security
  • Additional security (e.g. specialised firewalls, web application firewalls or Demilitarized Zones (DMZ)) Custom Server Configurations
    • Multiple servers to allow load splitting between web and data servers
    • Load balancing between servers
    • Performance tuning
    • Database failover and replication
  • Redundancy options
    • Built-in hardware redundancy allowing real time failover
    • Near real-time backups
    • Snapshot backups
    • Daily backups
    • Offsite backups
    • Log shipping copies with varying frequencies
    • Trial Recovery on periodic basis
  • Additional managed services (e.g. Service Level Agreements, visual inspection, failsafe scripts, monitoring of disk space, other checks, alerts and notifications)

Each hosting service managed by Revium is provided in a secure, professionally managed hosting environment specifically tailored to your requirements. All our hosting environments meet industry best practice, and in all cases to date have passed penetration testing. 


Cloud Hosting

Revium can advise on and implement cloud-based hosting services in AWS, Google Cloud or Azure environments. This includes all the features and services covered in Custom Hosting, in addition to the following items:

  • Alignment of services to customer hosting needs (i.e. scale up/down of services)
  • Environment (e.g. Platform as a Service or Infrastructure as a Service)
  • Performance monitoring (e.g. load balancing, multiple web servers, failover regions), 24/7 monitoring and incident response 
  • Content caching via a CDN for improved performance

To discuss your hosting requirements, or to find out more about our services, contact us today.

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At Revium, we're deliberately technology agnostic: we maintain relationships with the world's leading technology companies so that we can provide unbiased advice on fit-for-purpose technology solutions.

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