Human Resources & Change Management

Get the right mix of personnel for your project.

When delivering complex IT and digital transformation projects, ensuring you have the right resourcing mix is just as important as the right technical solution. Successful implementation of such projects relies on having the right experts involved, and a change management strategy in place.

At Revium, we get the resourcing mix right at the outset of the project lifestyle, ensuring alignment with your company’s processes and organisational structure. Throughout delivery, and post implementation, we ensure you have the training, change management processes and procedures in place to help you navigate the cultural change digital transformation brings.

Human Resources

Matching, complementing and enhancing skill-sets, both agency and client side, is critical to the successful delivery of your project. Careful consideration of the appropriate resources from each of the disciplines required to deliver upon your objectives - from customer experience designers, to project managers, developers and other experts - is taken early on in our client engagements and constantly reviewed throughout a project’s delivery.

Resourcing Mix & Project Teams

Determine the level of in-house expertise our client has to undertake the project and provide appropriate personnel to fill in the gaps ensuring the team is well rounded and has the appropriate level of expertise and experience.

Scheduling & Client Touchpoints

Complex IT and digital transformation projects often require more of a client’s internal resources than initially thought.

Our project managers provide detailed project plans and communicate frequently with our clients to manage expectations and ensure the day-to-day work of their organisation won’t suffer while change is being implemented. 

On-shore Versus Off-shore

Revium employs only local, degree-qualified and appropriately certified digital & IT professionals. Experience has shown us that the complex nature of the projects we undertake requires close working relationships between our teams.

Having all staff located in our Melbourne Head Office allows us to be more agile, react more quickly and benefit from face-to-face discussions with our clients and colleagues when required.

While off-shoring is generally cheaper, the complexity and highly technical nature of IT projects means that having staff off-shore increases the risk of not delivering projects on time or to the high standard we hold our work to.

On-site Secondments Versus Off-site

Revium staff can work with clients on-site to manage projects and provide support to in-house IT teams when required. Our staff seamlessly integrate into your existing teams and depart when they are no longer needed.

This enables our clients to access expertise when needed for development, design or project management quickly and below the ‘total loaded cost’ of a full-time equivalent. 

Change Management

Implementing a major digital transformation change to your organisation requires careful planning and communication with your staff, customers and other stakeholders.

The new systems our projects deliver require new processes, as well as education so you and your team can properly grasp how to use the systems and be prepared for how they will impact your business.

Communicating and managing this change is a critical part of ensuring that transformation is realised. We work with your internal project teams and provide as much change management support as required to ensure a smooth transition.


All of the projects Revium delivers are based on highly detailed specifications outlining the functionality, business rules, processes, screen elements and data models for each area of the website or web application we are building. These specifications go a long way in ensuring new users of systems can quickly learn about their operation.

Business, functional and technical documentation also help to ensure that knowledge is easily transferred between the different people required to maintain and support the newly implemented systems. 


Revium provides training using a combination of classroom, screen-sharing, video or train-the-trainer modes of delivery to ensure our clients can manage the roll-out of their new system with only the necessary support required. We also provide training-specific manuals embedded directly into the applications we build, in addition to traditional hard-copy manuals. 

With the breadth of expertise our team provides clients day-to-day across a variety of different projects, technologies and consumer categories, when you engage Revium you can be confident your project will benefit from the experience they bring to bear, and the change impact to your organisation is managed seamlessly. 

Speak to Revium today about how our team can ensure your project has the right personnel mix to make it a success.