Native advertising is a powerful paid media tactic allowing marketers to target specific audiences through promoted content that blends into the editorial environment, marketing to your audience in a way that doesn’t disrupt their experience.

Revium’s native advertising consultants can help your business amplify your content, getting you in front of audiences that are receptive to your messaging and contributing to a higher ROI on your digital marketing strategies.


How Native Advertising Works

Referred to as ‘native’ due to their resemblance to the organic content they feature alongside, native advertisements are non-intrusive and cost-efficient tactic for top-of-funnel and brand awareness activities. 

Content may take the form of sponsored social media posts or ads within news or blog websites, and match the look, feel and function of the content they are displayed alongside. Their seamless integration into organic online content feeds is dependent on creating un-branded advice, tips, or information, providing immediate value to the user.


Benefits of Native Advertising 

Re-engage at Different Points in the Marketing Funnel
By generating more traffic to relevant online content, native provides the ability to leverage user data from a qualified and ‘warmed up’ audience. Re-engage these users on other digital marketing channels to push them further along the conversion funnel. 

Target High Intent Prospects
Users that engage with your content are more likely to be relevant prospects. Native advertising complements your overarching digital marketing strategy, allowing you to target these prospects through further marketing activities to increase engagement rates with your brand. 

Cost Efficient
By targeting engaged audiences who are more likely to click on your ad, native advertising attracts a lower cost per click than traditional digital advertising. This makes increasing brand awareness and conversion funnel nurturing highly cost effective. 

Overcome Ad-Blocking Technology 
Native content is more subtle than most ad formats and is still displayed when ad-blocking technology is used. This increases the volume of prospects your campaign can reach and the likelihood that this increased audience will click on your content.


A Creative Native Ad Agency

Revium uses native advertising as a platform for building awareness of a brand, product or promotion. Our native advertising consultants can design the high-quality copy and content needed for a successful campaign and incorporate native into your overarching digital strategy.

This allows us to amplify relevant content to your target audience, generating clicks and qualified prospects for further digital marketing activities and influencing their path from awareness, to consideration and finally conversion.

Speak to our team today about how we can help you leverage the power of native content advertising.

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