With the ever-growing volume of data being collected across digital marketing channels and analytics platforms, it can be overwhelming to determine the success of your marketing efforts and whether they are driving ROI for your business.

Revium can undertake a review of your data sets, and generate insights and actions that will enable you to utilise your data in a meaningful way.

What Can Be Reported On?

Analysis and reporting can be performed on a wide range of digital marketing strategies to understand and identify consumer and market behaviours, determine the drivers and ensure success is measured against your business objectives.

Examples of data analysis we conduct for our clients include:
  • Digital media campaign performance across channels such as paid search, paid social, display, video, native and more.
  • User flow across websites to understand drop-off and friction points.
  • SEO performance and how our clients’ search rankings have improved over time.
  • Effectiveness of acquisition programs, such as ‘refer-a-friend’ programs.

Revium also has experience with predictive (forecasting what will happen next) and prescriptive (optimisations completed in real time) analytics through use of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.

Our Approach

Revium’s team of analytics and digital marketing consultants approach analysis and reporting with a high level of rigour and acute attention to detail. We offer highly skilled practitioners across all aspects digital marketing activity, including analytics platforms experts and data scientists for advanced analytics requirements.
Our process for conducting a digital analysis is as follows:

Data recording and measurement – Initially we confirm that data is being recorded accurately and set up Google Data Studio dashboards to automate the number crunching.
  • Analysis – We review the required channel and measure the performance against your businesses KPI. 
  • Develop insights – We develop insights that drive business impact and don’t rely on vanity metrics.
  • Provide action – Provide recommended actions to further improve your digital marketing performance and work with you or your incumbent provider to implement the solution
  • Reporting – We provided, daily, weekly, monthly or ad hoc reports across a range of digital platform.

Expected Business Impact of Analysis & Reporting

Following our analysis, you can expect to have a clear understanding of what is and isn’t working across your digital marketing spend, and what is driving ROI for your business. We aim to deliver “ah-ha!” moments with our deeply insightful work that other analysis can overlook.
Ready to get more out of your data? Speak to Revium today.

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