Revium’s team of content and marketing strategists bring expertise and a holistic view of your brand and marketing activities to the development of your online content marketing strategy. We deliver digital strategies that augment and enhance the customer experience.

For marketers today, the battleground for consumer engagement has shifted dramatically. Less than a decade ago, a hefty media-spend coupled with a suite of 30 second TVCs and an ‘integrated’ approach was where the game was at. More often than not, these campaigns came with a price tag larger than the programming they were designed to interrupt. From a competitive perspective, this meant the player with the deepest pockets and even the most basic of campaign strategies could win the day.

The rise of digital marketing and digital transformation has since levelled the playing field. This is especially good news for new entrants to established markets and companies aiming to disrupt existing categories. We need only look as far as Uber, iTunes and YouTube to see how quickly the foundations of three empires, transport, music distribution and media broadcasting, can suddenly falter. No small feat when we consider the entrenched power and vested interests that held these market monopolies in place for decades, even centuries.

Today, while those hit hardest battle it out in courtrooms around the globe, leading businesses which remain unaffected are embracing Digital Transformation and digital marketing strategies to avoid the same fate, and retain competitive advantage.

At Revium, we have helped numerous clients embark upon the process to improve their customer experience through technology; be it the implementation of enterprise level CMS systems, bespoke application development, data integrations or digital performance measurement. In doing so, one of the most critical elements of project success is the development and implementation of a content marketing strategy – one that leverages the functionality of the systems we build (be it content personalisation, marketing automation or both) but also a program that augments your offline engagement tactics. The end result is greater ROI, improved engagement metrics and ultimately, a better user experience.

What is a content strategy?

People often use the terms ‘content strategy’ and ‘content marketing’ interchangeably, however they are different concepts. We have all heard the phrase content is king, and while this is true of successful digital marketing strategies, without context, content can lose its potential to impact upon your audience. Your content strategy can be thought of as the context for your content marketing.

A content strategy informs every tactic you employ in your digital marketing plan. From SEO, to your site’s Information Architecture, eDM campaigns, inbound marketing and beyond. It gives the purpose, or ‘the why’ behind each piece of content your business develops, and provides ‘the how’ for your content team to approach content creation. Critically, your strategy should consider every touch point in the customer journey, not just those in the digital ecosystem. Otherwise, you run the risk of delivering a dis-jointed experience and losing valuable prospects (not to mention the insight your user data provides).

The outcome is your organisation's content marketing plan. It provides a detailed roadmap on how to deliver the right message, to the right customer, at right place, through the right channel at the appropriate stage in the customer decision journey.

Our Approach

Revium’s team of strategists work with you to first gain an understanding of the big picture. That is, we examine your customer segments and their journey to purchase, consider your overarching marketing activity and identify where digital experiences can provide more relevant, timely content of value to your audience. Getting this right, means undertaking a process that methodically analyises and documents the following in series:

  • The Customer Decision Journey (and User Experience)
  • User Personas
  • Content/Channel Audit
  • Publishing Plan
  • Performance & Data Metrics

Mapping the Customer Decision Journey

For some organisations, knowing where to start is often the key challenge. Many clients often have more content than they know what to do with, while others aren’t sure how to make their content more relevant.

Revium’s team of strategists can help you map your current customer experience across all touch points in your organisation. From here, we can understand better what messages and experiences are most relevant to your audience at each step in the customer decision journey.

At Revium, we do not take a one size fits all approach. We work with your marketing team and conduct workshops to develop a clear view of your user’s journey from awareness, to consideration, evaluation, selection and advocacy.

This framework enables us to map the most effective messages to be delivered at the most appropriate time, via the audience’s preferred channel. Commonly, we document each key segment and their unique journey to becoming a customer. This ensures we allow for different audience needs and better understand personalisation requirements.

Once documented, we then provide you with ‘Personas’ for each user journey. These personas are used in the production, creation and performance measurement of the content your team, or Revium’s, produce and execute.

Content & Channel Audit

Once we understand the customer journey, we then conduct an audit of your existing content delivered via digital channels. We overlay this information onto the customer journey to obtain a view on the performance of each message being delivered (be it across owed, earned or paid media) at each stage in the journey. This identifies where gaps exist, and where analytics and performance metrics should be implemented.

For example, targeting prospects with detailed product information before they are aware of your brand proposition is unlikely to be a successful tactic. However, serving the same information to your audience when they are evaluating the benefits of your product versus a competitor, has the potential for greater impact and a higher likelihood of conversion.

Similarly, if through our analyses of the customer journey we identify social as the number one source of customer awareness, then we would expect to see a social strategy developed as part of your overall digital marketing strategy.

Publishing Plan

Upon completion of the content and channel audit, an editorial calendar or publishing plan, is developed. The editorial calendar aligns the content strategy with the content marketing requirements identified throughout the audit process. Revium provides you with an actionable plan, content development guidelines and templates, user personas and guidance on measurement metrics for success.

Revium also offers content creation, curation and community management services. Often clients require additional resources implementing their content marketing strategy, before it becomes business as usual.

Digital Performance Measurement

Setting goals is essential to help not only justify the ROI of your content marketing efforts, but ensure you are collecting the right data and information to help inform and fine-tune your digital strategy.

From correctly setting-up Google Analytics, implementing Google Tag Manager or using other tools such as Campaign Monitor, Revium has the SEO, CRO, A/B & multivariate testing expertise to measure and improve the performance of your digital assets. The goal being to ensure each tactic you deploy works in harmony with your offline activities, and ultimately provides better engagement, and an unforgettable user experience.

To find out more, or discuss your organisation's content needs, contact us today.

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