At Revium, we work with your senior executive team to provide independent, strategic advice that helps your business navigate and harness the transformative power of data and technology. In doing so, we take a customer-centric approach, understanding what technologies, data and digital strategies can help you best serve your customers.

How we can help you

For over a decade, Revium has delivered digital solutions to diverse and business-critical issues, providing our clients the necessary platform for future brand growth. Our team of consultants, strategists and business analysts produce a roadmap to help you anticipate and leverage the trends affecting your category, and deliver data insights that drive consumer behaviour.

Obtaining business growth and competitive advantage via technology means you need to understand the risks and complex issues involved, and most importantly, that no one solution fits all. Before you go-to-market seeking a specific solution, our digital consultants can help you clearly define the strategic objectives, business requirements and high level technical specifications to facilitate and procure the right solution for your brand.

A typical digital consulting engagement begins with a discovery session, where our professionals work with you to identify and clearly articulate the business objectives, before working through the options available to you within the parameters of your current ICT environment and project budget. We do this in a systematic and methodical manner, documenting and reporting back to you at agreed project milestones.

Unlike many of our competitors, the senior resources you meet at the beginning of your project, are the same people who work on and deliver the final deliverables.

Consulting & Audits

Revium offers consulting and audit services that give you independent, technology-agnostic advice spanning your existing solutions, your strategic options and 3rd party reviews of major projects currently in progress. Typical outputs include:

  • Strategic Roadmap (Business Requirements documentation, Digital Marketing Strategy, Content Audits)
  • Web-based Solution recommendations (Application Development, Systems Architecture, Cloud-based Technologies)
  • Digital Transformation projects (Software as a service, Infrastructure as a service, Platform as a service, Functional & Technical Specifications)
  • Performance Reports (Security, Hosting, Project Management, Deployment, Digital Performance services etc.)
  • Data (Segmentation, Database Health-check,  Website Analytics, Lead Generation)
  • Project Implementation Reviews (Development and Deployment analyses, Functionality & Integration Audits, Platform Performance assessments, amongst others).

Our digital consulting team utilise a variety of technologies and methodologies, applying Software Development Life Cycle principles and best practice Project Management process to analyse and review the existing state of your solutions architecture and provide future-state recommendations. Revium provides both the documentation and budgetary advice to enhance your customer experience, generate business efficiencies and ensure you have the right solutions to leverage new digital opportunities, manage change and mitigate risk.

Our track record spans energy, retail, member-based organisations, finance, education, FMCG, property and manufacturing categories.

To discuss in confidence your current business challenge or an existing project, contact us today.

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