Today’s complex IT environment means that defining the specifications of a digital transformation project is more critical than ever.

Investing in a thorough scoping and discovery phase ensures your business can undertake digital projects with an accurate and transparent view of the time and financial costs involved.

Revium provides documentation that clearly articulates the solution to be delivered. This document acts as a contract between you and Revium, giving both parties a common reference point about the agreed upon deliverables.

In this document we carefully consider inclusions, as well as exclusions, for the project. These considerations are overseen by an appropriately qualified resource to make sure that client expectations and requirements are being met. This mitigates against the cost of re-works or variations and gives you confidence in the detailed costing provided by our team.


What is Included in a Website or Application Specification?

Typically led by a Business Analyst, working closely with our Technical Director and lead Developers, the team design a solution and select the tools necessary to meet your needs. The resultant solution is then documented - a process that occurs in parallel with user interface design. This includes:


  • Detailed description of all functions and features that are being delivered
  • Annotated wireframes or mock-ups of key screens
  • User actions and system administration
  • CMS configuration (for a website build)
  • Business rules
  • Database design, tables and fields
  • Integration/API details
  • Security and performance
  • Browser compatibility and user accessibility

Our Approach

  • Collaborative approach - We seek your feedback and revise the document before it is finalised and agreed upon.
  • Review technical implementation - At the same time, our development team reviews the specifications and defines how to approach the solution from a technical perspective.
  • Define project management delivery method - Select the appropriate methodology and break the project down in line with this.
  • Run in parallel when possible - We seek to reduce implementation times by working across design, specification and implementation in parallel.


At Revium, the document templates, methodologies and project management systems we have in place ensure the delivery of the scoped changes are finite, controlled and agreed.

Whether you have an in-house development team, or select Revium to develop your project, the specifications we produce give you the roadmap to execute upon your digital transformation vision with confidence.


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