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Icon - Analysis & Specifications

Analysis & Specifications

Great websites and software applications require skilled execution of business requirements. Project success is enhanced with clear statements of the problem and the solution. At Revium we have highly experienced and credentialed business and system analysts to ensure success for your project.

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Icon - Consulting & Audits

Consulting & Audits

We conduct a rigorous review of your current situation which includes an audit of your technology ecosystem and business environment. Harnessing a consultative approach, we apply expert digital thinking to deliver the benefits of true digital transformation to your business.

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Icon - Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

Our content strategy expertise gives you a holistic approach to producing content that augments your above the line marketing activity, while providing you a plan to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right point in the online customer journey.

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Icon - Customer Experience Research and Design

Customer Experience Research and Design

Understanding what drives your customers and their needs, and placing those insights at the heart of your solution, enables brands to deliver superior experiences that create true competitive advantage. Our CX design experts use tools and methods to help business benefit from human centred design.

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Icon - Design & User Experience

Design & User Experience

We produce user-centric visual design and create user experiences that delight. Our full-service, experienced design team are experts at expressing brand identity across your portfolio of digital assets, and designing device independent and browser responsive screen interfaces.

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Icon - Development


Our Development team are degree-qualified technical experts in programming, coding, data design and software engineering. We specialise in a wide range of technologies from front-end to back-end; particularly Microsoft .Net and LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP).

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Icon - Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Generating traffic to your digital assets and ensuring the traffic converts visitors to customers is a big part of our business, as it should be yours too. Our digital marketing team focuses on data driven marketing, optimisation of your digital assets and conversion rate optimisation.

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Icon - Hosting & Infrastructure

Hosting & Infrastructure

We partner with our clients to determine the optimal hosting and deployment strategy. Revium has rack-space in a Tier1 data centre for clients who require an all in one solution. Or alternatively, we determine the most appropriate hosting and infrastructure setup that meets your business requirements.

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Icon - Human Resources & Change

Human Resources & Change

Although we specialise in building IT solutions, our people are the core of our company and imperative to the success of your project – we take great care to ensure the right resourcing mix is in place. That may be an on-site engagement or provision of the right development staff to work on-site with you.

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Icon - Project Management & Methodology

Project Management & Methodology

We meticulously manage every detail of your project’s delivery. We confirm requirements, set boundaries, manage risk and work to budget. We implement a working methodology that works for your organisation, and use an agile or waterfall approach that works best for each client team.

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Icon - Scoping & Discovery

Scoping & Discovery

We interrogate your requirements and bring the best technical, analytics, data, design and marketing thinking to bare as we fully uncover the scope of your business needs. Revium’s team are employed on their natural curiosity and ability to identify opportunities.

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Icon - Support & Maintenance

Support & Maintenance

After implementing a major piece of IT and digital infrastructure, ensuring the on-going support and maintenance of the application or website is as crucially important as the initial build. We put in place an appropriate support and maintenance regime to match your organisational needs.

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Icon - System Integration & Architecture

System Integration & Architecture

At our core we are programmers, developers and database administrators. We integrate any application or website we build with existing systems within your IT ecosystem. When it comes to data, we establish a single source of truth and interface with other IT systems.

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News Bytes
  • Implemented and customised Power Deal Manager web application for Alinta Energy - East Coast

  • Built a fully customised price and deal management web application with sophisticated pricing formulas and business rules for Alinta Energy

  • Implemented responsive web design using RESS for Clearview

  • Built online dispute lodgment using .NET MVC and SQL Data Replication for Financial Ombudsman Service

  • Implemented continuous integration using TeamCity and SVN for the Law Institute of Victoria website

  • Implemented personalisation, contact management, lead scoring and marketing automation to track and convert prospects for Sumo Power

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