Please note: Revium’s Online Raffle Application is designed for enterprise and large organisations and is not suitable for smaller clubs or organisations. Smaller organisations can contact Raffle Link for enquiries.

Running raffles is simple with Revium’s Online Raffle Application. Our system is a great, modern alternative that can still work in conjunction with traditional raffle methods by allowing you to import offline sales into the online system. This makes it easy to draw a winner, with all entries stored conveniently and securely in the one place.

How to create an online raffle in Australia

Step 1: Research online raffle laws

Each state will have different laws regarding what permits or conditions govern the running of a raffle so perform a search in Google and see what regulations there are around running a raffle in your state.

Step 2: Choose an online raffle host or provider

There are a number of online providers who’s software can run the entire raffle for you, so jump back in to Google and research providers.

Step 3: Pick start and end dates for the competition

Having fixed start and end dates will help you be organised and encourages donations to be made within the timeframe of the campaign. The larger the timeframe, the more chance you have to market the competition and gain more entries and donations.

Step 4: Set the number of entries in the raffle that each donation will get

For each donation, determine how many entries each participant will receive. There are traditional approaches of X amount donated gives Y number of entries, but also look at social media sharing that rewards shares with additional entries into the competition to help spread the word about the raffle.

Step 5: Publish the competition on your website

Publishing the raffle to your website makes it live so you can start accepting entries. You can now also begin to share the raffle to further it’s reach.

Step 6: Draw the winner.

The software should be set up so that it selects a winner. Get in touch with them and deliver them their prize! Be sure to share this on your website and social channels too so that everyone who participated can see the outcome.


Online Raffle Features

Our Online Raffle System makes it easy to promote your raffle across social media platforms, and easy for people to purchase tickets straight from your website.

All of our raffles are mobile responsive, providing exceptional user experience and aesthetic on any device, whether it be desktop, tablet or mobile.

Entrants pay for their tickets online using a credit card and receive their raffle tickets instantaneously via email. Payments are processed via our payment gateway, directly into your merchant bank account.

Administrators can draw a winner (or multiple winners) straight from the application, export contact details and view the number of tickets sold at any time. Our Online Raffle Application can even close the raffle automatically, so you can sit back and relax.


The fundraising system of choice for….

Our online raffle system includes the following features, which can be customised to meet your needs:

  • A custom designed raffle page to suit your business branding
  • Real time thermometer display to showcase how much has been raised so far. This is particularly useful for Not-for-Profit Fundraising
  • Links to Social Media pages
  • Refer a friend functionality
  • Ability to send attachments with the confirmation email
  • Add ticket price packages for the ability to offer discounts for the purchase of a certain number of tickets
  • Ability to draw multiple winners at once
  • Administrator console to view the number of tickets sold 
  • Securely hosted page on Revium servers

If you have a feature in mind not mentioned above, we’d be happy to customise the system to suit your specific needs.

If you are associated with a larger organisation and are interested in hosting an enterprise level Online Raffle with Revium, Contact Us today to find out more.

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