The Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) is the professional organisation for around 5000 specialist anaesthetists (Fellows) and 2000 anaesthetists in training (trainees).

Goals and Challenges

ANZCA required a scope and high level requirements review of the intents for four critical online projects that have grown out of their vision and strategic priorities. The projects each had desired outcomes, but need more flesh from the various stakeholders, as well as recommended business and technology directions for the next stage of the development for each outcome.

In brief the projects were:

  • Online community facility for member groups and committees.
  • Public Website platform, along with mobile device capabilities
  • Publishing Collaboration Tools

Revium provided solutions for a number of challenges during the consultation for their online projects. These included:

  • Overall alignment and integration with the member data to ensure there is a single source of truth for member-related data
  • Identification of the exact function needs for online community function, along with the ease of access for the group start-up and maintenance, and of course use.
  • Matching the collaboration toll to the publishing task, rather than a single solution


  • Revium listened, recorded and confirmed the elements of the key nominated stakeholders (staff, Fellows and Executive) in a number of formal workshops, interviews and discussions, over a number of weeks
  • Revium proposed a solution to address the major pain points, provide a recommended and alternative technology options, as well as the risks and recommended next actions for each project
  • Revium's consultant provided ANZCA with a next action plan with associated required technology, resources, risks and where suitable the estimated budget.

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