Southern Cross Care Victoria (SCCV) is an aged care service that aims to provide the elderly with the tools they need to help them continue to live the life they want. SCCV have been providing support and care to Victorian families for over 40 years.

SCCV engaged Revium to recreate their website with a brand new look and feel, improving the user experience while having the ability to update content across the site easily. SCCV requested assistance in formulating a digital roadmap and advising on their website visitors’ needs to help drive conversions.

Goals and Challenges

SCCV highlighted the importance of the design being tailored specifically to their intended audience, providing a very clear and easy to use interface no matter the device or browser being used.

SCCV needed Revium to:

  • Provide an attractive design that was suited to their target demographic as well as one which was responsive to the major device widths (desktop, tablet and smartphones).
  • Provide an easy-to-use content management system where information could be easily entered and retrieved, without any technical expertise.
  • Provide functionality for:
    • General website content and maintenance
    • An improved content search
    • Newsletter registration
    • A service locator with maps
    • Aged-care wizard
    • Improved visibility for calls to action


Kentico EMS was chosen as the best platform for SCCV because it offers a solution that has rich functionality out-of-the-box, is easy to use and is competitively priced.

The completed website solution provided SCCV with:

  • A fully responsive site that flows beautifully between multiple devices from desktops to mobile phones.
  • Advanced content management capabilities, giving SCCV the ability to manage all aspects of their website fully.
  • A modern and user-friendly website design with two levels of navigation.
  • A full-service directory with custom data tables.
  • A custom-built service locator integrated with Google maps.

Revium also provided SCCV with the knowledge to be able to work with and understand the Kentico CMS platform, so that an SCCV staff member can edit the website without the assistance of a Kentico developer.

Additional changes will see the company utilising more Kentico EMS functions including Lead Scoring and Personalisation. These features will increase conversion and supply valuable leads.


The SCCV websites has seen:

  • increased visibility sales enquiries,
  • 14% increase in page views per session and
  • 12% decrease in the bounce rate.

Key criteria for using Kentico

Kentico EMS was chosen as the best platform for SCCV because it offered a function rich out of the box solution that was easy to use and competitively priced.

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