ENGIE is a global energy provider and one of Australia’s leading power generation companies. Revium has had a longstanding relationship with ENGIE's delivering various digital projects across a range of services including website design and development, consulting, onsite support and hosting. 

In 2016 ENGIE announced that the Hazelwood Power Station would be closed and Revium was approached to build an Asset Closure Announcement Website. This site would be outside of the company intranet and publicly available, but required authenticated access for ENGIE staff as it contained highly confidential information about the closure timings for the station.


The issue of confidentiality was the primary challenge faced by Revium. This was approached with sensitivity and caution, and was overcome through the implementation of an isolated hosting system and secure user authentication software. 


Revium proposed the use of Kentico Content Management System (CMS) for the Asset Closure Announcement Website as it offered;

  • A secure CMS that would be simple to manage for the ENGIE administrators
  • A number of out-of-the-box features which were key requirements for ENGIE (e.g. search functionality, versioning or archiving of pages and notifications for content updates) 
  • Workflow capability (content editor, approver and publisher) enabling a structured and simple process for content updates given quality and security were paramount when publishing sensitive information

Throughout the website design, emphasis was placed on intuitive User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) to ensure staff could access the information they needed quickly and without frustration. Accessibility was also considered in order to accommodate users with disabilities and varying degrees of web literacy. 

Usage and reporting functions were also included so that ENGIE could track and report on activity at very granular levels for both anonymous visitors and logged-in users. 

In order to achieve a high level of security, the website was hosted by Revium in an isolated system with several layers of security (include geographic blocking) to mitigate against any potential data breaches. 


Revium designed and developed a fully responsive website that gave ENGIE a simple, secure and efficient way to let staff know of the asset closure. This not only allowed them to quickly communicate and update information, but it also centralised the communication between staff and the company across multiple locations.

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