NSW Meals on Wheels are a non-for-profit organisation that provides meals and social interaction to the elderly and disabled as well as youth with a disabilities.  Annually, NSW Meals on Wheels provides 4.5 million meals to those in need.  NSW Meals on Wheels engaged Revium to rebuild their website with Kentico to improve website stability and user experience.

Goals and Challenges

The aims were to build a Kentico version 8 website that had the same look and feel as the existing Kentico version 5.5 website, but with improved functions and a better user interface for the shop checkout.  Revium encountered a number of technical challenges during the website development.  These included:

  • Rebuilding of a geo-location map that searches by postcode or suburb to list locations and display location pins on a map
  • Revision of the workflow process for volunteers recruitment
  • Kentico v5 compatibility issues for functionality in the new version 8 site due to API changes


Revium rebuilt the existing custom functionality to take an advantage of the Kentico 8 features.  Revium provided NSW Meals on Wheels with a better geo-location map integrated with Google maps.  Revium merged the NSW Meals on Wheels shop website within the main NSW Meals on Wheels website, to provide an improved user experience as well as easier administration.  The ‘sign up to be a friend’ process was also improved with a clean double opt in process to prevent abuse/spam.

The completed website solution provided NSW Meals on Wheels with:

  • Advanced content management capabilities
  • Geo-Locator Service Locater Map integrated with Google that filters on distance
  • Volunteer Process completed with workflow steps
  • One step Shop checkout process


Since the launch of the new Kentico 8 website, NSW Meals on Wheels online marketing has seen a:

  • 5.96% decrease in bounce rates
  • 5.96 % increase in session duration
  • 8.03% increase in users
  • 32.44% increase in page views

Key criteria for selecting Kentico

NSW Meals on Wheels chose to develop with Kentico as it is an easy to use CMS and sophisticated CRM system. This allowed them to generate databases for online volunteering, friends and donations, as well as an intranet for their members.

As version 5.5 was no longer being supported by Kentico, a rebuild to version 8.0 was necessary to ensure the long term sustainability and efficiency of the site.

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