Client overview

KPMG is one of the world's leading professional services firms. Their geographic member firms provide audit, tax and advisory services through industry focused, talented professionals who deliver value for the benefit of their clients and communities. With over 135,000 people worldwide, KPMG member firms provide audit, tax and advisory services in more than 140 countries.

What we've done for them

Calendar Options

The CEO of KPMG required an A3 excel spreadsheet that represented his yearly calendar. The data for this calendar is imported from a complex XML appointment file.

  • The XML input file was derived from a vendor application which was used to book appointments
  • The solution was developed using VSTO

Global Desktop Version 4 (GDV4)

The GDV4 project involved migrating the global operating system at KPMG from Windows XP to Windows Vista. This was a large-scale systems development project comprising compatibility analysis, redevelopment, implementation and support of in-house as well as vendor applications.

HR Letters

Revium was requested by KPMG to supply technical resources to make substantial changes to a large range of MS Word document templates. The templates form the basis for much of the record keeping and correspondence generation in the HR department of KPMG Australia wide.

  • The process required a knowledge of VB script and MS VBA
  • Report writing also formed an important part of the overall service delivery

QAR website

KPMG requested that Revium establish a functioning web based document management system to service internal specialist professionals. It was designed to serve as a model illustrating cutting edge software design and implementation on which the in-house development team could base future developments.

The project had four distinct components:
  • Development of the web site using contemporary technologies;
  • Documentation of the process;
  • Development of software libraries for the standardisation of future development and
  • To serve as an in-house training tool.
Technical aspects of the project included:
  • ASP.NET 3.5 framework
  • MS Indexing Services
  • Integration with Oracle databases and MS Active Directory Systems

Services we offered

  • Specifications
  • Project management
  • Interfaces, system integration & web services
  • Business IT systems
  • Report writing
  • Issue tracking
  • Diagnosing MS Vista compatibility issues
  • C# development of issue tracking tools
  • Remediation of desktop VBA applications
  • Building tools for manipulating Windows User Access Control
  • Onsite placements
  • Business IT systems
  • QAR website
  • Website development
  • Website / interface design
  • Web standards compliance & accessibility
  • Web application development
  • Strategy, planning and scoping workshops
  • Onsite placements

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