Client Overview

Cedar Woods Property is an ASX-listed national property developer with more than 30 years’ experience creating residential and commercial developments. Jackson Green is a Cedar Woods Property development, located in Clayton South, consisting of contemporary homes and apartments.

Project Overview

Revium was engaged to take over the digital advertising for Gardenia Apartments - one of Cedar Woods’ recent releases within Jackson Green. Due to a number of challenges the results from traditional advertising methods being used had plateaued - despite heavy investment in online advertising.  

Revium created a Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing campaign specifically designed to assist Cedar Woods in meeting their sales target for the remaining apartments which need to happen within a fairly tight timeframe. 


The main challenge of this project was that it was at the start of the housing downturn which meant the marketing needed to overcome a crowded and depressed market environment. Additionally, previous traditional approaches (both online and offline) had not performed as well as they had in the past which meant a completely new approach was required. 


Revium initially invested in researching the client and their customers, leading to the development of a number of distinct target personas.

A landing page was then created specifically for the Gardenia Apartments with specialised tracking to gather relevant information about visitors and monitor their activity. Rather than push top funnel visitors to purchase an apartment, as done in previous Jackson Green marketing, ‘soft sell’ messaging was employed which focused on lifestyle, amenities and the apartment’s unique selling proposition – ‘Green at its Heart’. The landing page also included a single call to action, encouraging visitors to exchange their name and email address to receive some exclusive details about the development. 

A number of methods were used to push people to this landing page. These included:

  • Social media advertising 

  • Google Ads pay per click advertising

  • Remarketing (for those who did not complete the lead capture form)

  • Native advertising (using third party content to build audience pools by segment)

The advertising was;

  • Tailored specifically to each segment

  • Targeted based on geography and demographics

  • Tagged to allow classification of the lead by segment

As leads were collected, they were added into an automated email campaign. Each lead was dynamically categorised into one of the target audiences through the use of tagging on the advertising (and native articles) so that the emails they received were personalised based on their segment. Based on interactions with each email, the next email in the sequence was personalised further with the aim of nurturing the leads and at the same time evaluating their quality. Throughout the process the prospect was served soft messaging display advertising to ensure the features of the Jackson Green lifestyle stayed front of mind. 

 All captured leads were automatically saved into the Cedar Woods CRM with relevant categorisations and any qualified warm leads were pushed directly through to the Jackson Green sales team.


The solution devised by Revium provided Jackson Green with a successful Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing campaign for their new Gardenia Apartments, which employed ‘soft sell’ messaging and calls to action to move potential leads through the sales funnel. 

The result was a huge success with a drop of over 500% in the cost per lead (media spend) and the sale of all apartments within the targeted timeframe.

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