Campos Coffee is a speciality coffee retailer who source beans ethically sourced from some of the largest coffee producing regions around the world. Campos’ reputation of providing quality products to consumers is further strengthened by their commitment to support sustainable farming practices through working directly with the families and communities producing the beans.

Campos has been actively promoting their eCommerce offering to customers for the past few years with online stores available in both Australia and the United States. Whilst Campos has seen a positive uplift in overall sales since implementing online stores, the business wanted to become more aggressive with their online conversions and drive their direct-to-consumer proposition via digital assets in a more targeted way.
Global eCommerce has been growing at an unprecedented rate with online revenues now worth in the billions of dollars. Data compiled by Statista predicts that global eCommerce sales will reach $4.2 billion by the end of 2020 and make up 16% of total retail sales. If reached, this will be a massive 20% year-on-year increase from 2019 results. 

These results, partnered with a digitally enabled consumer base, means retailers cannot expect to remain competitive unless they’re proactively engaged across their customer’s preferred purchasing channels. Investment in online, mobile and digital technologies is now a mandatory requirement for any modern-day business wanting to achieve market parity in the foreseeable future. 


Revium was engaged by Campos Coffee to develop an improved user experience across their Australian online store driven using a newly created UI design kit. The aim of the project was to reinvigorate the path-to-purchase by removing conversion friction points that were identified through thorough research and investigation. Coupled with broader eCommerce market trends, these insights uncovered the need for a new product page layout, more sophisticated product filtering & sorting options, and the development of a more seamless checkout workflow to name a few. 

Campos’ Australian website operates on a WordPress CMS coupled with WooCommerce for eCommerce features and functionalities. Whilst WooCommerce is a widely used eCommerce application, it presents design and customer journey restrictions due to the out-of-the-box templating system. Campos were also looking to improve site-wide load speeds as overall performance was a concern before the redesign. 

Revium’s approach to mitigate these challenges was to decouple the presentation and data layers using the WooCommerce back-end system to serve product related data to a Vue.js front-end application. This approach is essentially creating a headless WooCommerce solution. 


Following a deep-dive analysis into the development hurdles presented by the current technology stack, Revium worked on engineering a sophisticated custom integration layer between WooCommerce and the customer-facing application. This involved the development of API endpoints to assist with pushing and pulling data between the two platforms, such as:

  • Displaying products & inventory levels;
  • Displaying pricing & promotional information;
  • Applying filters & sorting criteria that have been applied;
  • Displaying appropriate checkout options for products including subscription pricing models;
  • Managing user carts & session data; and
  • Handling shipping & order details throughout the checkout process. 

The solution has also provided Campos with a more robust and future-proofed technology stack that will cater for greater customisation options as the business continues to grow. 


The end result is the delivery of an eCommerce solution that is quick to load, easy to navigate and seamless to checkout. Since publicly launching the project in the Australian market in January this year, Campos has seen a significant increase year-on-year across key performance metrics including:

  • 33% increase in sales conversions
  • 34% increase in transaction volumes
  • 34% increase in total revenue

It is also interesting to note that for the same reporting period, Campos has seen a 2.75% decrease in overall website users. This means that whilst they may have less people going to their website (potentially due to a more targeted digital marketing strategy), their basket sizes and repeat purchases are on an upward trajectory.

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