Client overview

The Code Compliance Committee (’the CCC’) was established in July 2009 to ensure credit unions and mutual building societies that have adopted the Mutual Banking Code of Practice meet the standards of good practice set out in the Code.

The CCC investigates complaints that the Code has been breached and monitors Mutuals’ compliance with the Code through compliance activities such as mystery shopping, surveys and compliance visits.

What we've done for them

Website design and CMS

The Code Compliance Committee engaged Revium to create a corporate logo and intuitive website for the organisation and its users. The website was developed to provide a range of information and tools to consumers and members and Revium’s services involved:
  • Professional website design and construction adhering to the latest development guidelines
  • Development of the website in manner that ensures it can easily be found within popular search engines such Google, Yahoo and Windows Live / MSN
  • Website metrics and reporting facilities – allowing CCC to gauge the traffic and manner in which visitors interact with the proposed website

Custom functionality and features included:

  • Content Management Facilities, allowing CCC to update and maintain the general content on the website
  • A news feature – allowing CCC to publish latest news and releases to the website
  • A complaint form – allowing users to lodge complaints online.

Services we offered

  • Website development
  • Website / interface design
  • Web standards compliance & accessibility
  • Project management
  • Interfaces, system integration & web services
  • Hosting & domain name management
  • Creative design, corporate identity and brand management
  • Content Management System (CMS)

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