ClearView offers a range of services from Life Insurance to Financial Advice. ClearView approached Revium to build a new website on a platform that would help drive customer acquisition. They also wanted to update their existing Advisor Portal – this is used to help advisors sell products to customers more efficiently.

Revium worked in close collaboration with Jade Software Corporation to develop a holistic solution for ClearView.  The final product allowed ClearView to easily manage and maintain each of their websites using a single platform, giving them the ability to manage content and download leads directly from the Content Management System (CMS).

Goals and Challenges

Revium implemented a solution for ClearView using Kentico’s CMS Multi Site feature, with six websites sitting under the one Kentico instance. Each website features a different domain name, which was a core challenge during development as the website functionality required implementation of Single Sign On (SSO).

In addition, a single user authentication was required across four external websites, each using their own respective custom APIs. Creating an SSO website allowed for a superior user experience by not requiring users to continually log in each time they were transferred from one website asset to another.

The front-end foundation was built so that all separate websites for ClearView were consistent. It also ensured that future sites can leverage the existing designs with minimal effort required to reskin.

Being a financial institution, ClearView also required security provisions to ensure personal information was only shown to those whom it was intended for, and had the authority to access that information.

The Solution

ClearView continues to use the Kentico CMS and in the time since going live, Revium has supported the ClearView website and recently upgraded the sites from Kentico 8 to Kentico EMS Version 10. Upgrading to Kentico 10 was important for ClearView as it allowed them to harness the latest EMS features and benefits, such as improved personalisation and A/B testing.

Revium also recently added a Find an Advisor feature to the ClearView website for Matrix Planning Solutions. This custom built service locator map allows users to search for an Advisor by entering either a suburb or postcode.  The results are then displayed via a pin on the map or in a list view, with the ability to further filter results by distance and search criteria.

Revium also implemented a Kentico widget that integrates with a third-party Careers system, allowing ClearView to automatically update the content and current jobs available. The benefit of developing this as a widget gives Content Editors at ClearView more control over where they can add this content, improving overall user experience. 

Kentico has given ClearView the ability to easily manage content on their website without the need for a developer. As a large organisation, it was important for content editors to be able to only edit the sections that are appropriate to them. This separation helps speed up content entry as each business unit is able to access and update their areas as required. This ability is pivotal for ClearView as it allows them to get the most value out of Kentico.


Since redeveloping the website, the performance of ClearView has improved immensely. A 6 month comparison before and after the implementation of Kentico showed the following results:
  • The bounce rate has reduced by 7.15%
  • Mobile sessions increased by 1.32%
  • Organic Search increased by 8.57%


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