Client overview

Cassilis is a quality boutique home building company with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Their strategy is to get involved from the ground up, connecting clients with quality architects, suppliers and trades people who they know will suit the client’s specific needs, and who they believe will be as passionate about the pending project as the client is.

Their portfolio includes everything from top end luxury homes to smaller scale renovations; from the straightforward, to the weird and truly wonderful.

What we've done for them

Website Build

Cassilis engaged Revium to design and develop an online portfolio to showcase their projects and establish and develop their online presence to potentially generate new business opportunities.

The website’s primary aim is to serve as an online portfolio where clients can gather information on Cassilis’ work history, previous projects and job locations. It was designed and worded to effectively reflect Cassilis’ quality of work and commitment to delivering personal and individualised care to their clients.

Website features include:

  • Implementation of rotating images on the homepage to showcase the latest Cassilis project
  • A projects collection to showcase completed projects
  • A customised contact form to streamline web enquiries

Services we offered

  • Website / interface design
  • Project management
  • Photography
  • Hosting & domain name management
  • Website development

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