Post a successful merger of two Aged Care providers, the new entity was re-branded BlueCross. Revium was engaged to develop a new web presence for the merged entity. The brief included:

  • Enable both prospects or family members of prospects to easily find information about the various services available, & facilities that are close to them.
  • Enable both prospects or family members to obtain enough information about the facilities & associated costs, then hand-off via enquiry to professional Aged Care consultants.
  • Reduce the need for paper-based information, catalogues & product brochures.
  • Encourage prospects to ‘book a tour’ of facilities.
  • Enable prospects to easily search facilities by map or location.
  • WCAG AA compliance (given the elderly customer base).
  • Deliver a digital UI that reflects the brand’s revitalised identity.
  • Give content authors the ability to create their own landing pages for promotions.
  • Give content authors the ability to build their own forms

Our Solution

What is unique about this site is in architecture used, that delivers page speeds & improved SEO to a level we have not been able to achieve before.

Utilising the decoupled MVC web application as a sophisticated Web API driven content architecture, Revium further decoupled the entire presentation layer to establish an API driven single page application built using Vue JS framework. We refer to this approach internally as ‘double-decoupled’ or ‘decoupled-headless’. It leverages the core of EMS, & the speed & versatility of headless implementation.

The website includes the following features:

  • Unique page building process based on modular page components driven by tree nodes.
  • Residence finder module incorporates residence-specific landing pages, facility search & map
  • Custom developed form builder extension allows multi step form creation, complex component rule builder (show/hide/mandatory) & greater presentation layer control.


The site, having been live now for approximately 10 months, has received positive feedback from internal & external stakeholders regarding the improved UX and UI. Aside from page load speeds previously unheard of with EMS implementations, key user metrics include:

  • Bounce rate has decreased by 25%
  • Book a Tour submissions have increased by 75% (124 vs. 71). Book a Tour conversion rate has increased by 84%
  • Tel Clicks are up by 11.6% (786 vs 704) & CTR rate has improved by 16.7% (2.20% vs. 1.89%)
  • Email Clicks have increased by 195% (579 vs 196) & CTR has improved by 208% (1.62% vs. 0.53%)

Why did we choose Kentico?

While the brief could have seen multiple CMS platforms utilised, Kentico was chosen for the following reasons:

  • Existing knowledge within BlueCross working with an earlier version of Kentico (9).
  • EMS feature-set
  • Ability to provide the custom developed solution required to meet the business need.
  • Security of a .NET platform over open source.

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